Saturday, August 25, 2012


This has been quite a nice Saturday.  Waking up to the scents of my wonderful brand new candle was so lovely and cozy.  I love it!  It smells heavenly and is called Autumn Spice, which in my opinion makes it sound amazing before you even smell it.  As if I couldn't love it any more, it was also made inside of a mason jar (a symbol of southern, country-style life I love), which gives it an old-fashioned feel.
This candle has officially made me want Fall to be here tomorrow!  I know that won't happen, but I guess burning it and smelling the deliciousness of it's scent can at least help me feel like Fall is almost here and remind me of the falling leaves and brisk air to come :)

I can't believe it is already nearly evening.  I have spent the day around the house spending time with family and getting a few things done before the weekend is over.  The week ahead will be busy, so even though Sunday is still left after today, I hope to get most organizing out of the way.

One not so happy event in the day happened in the morning.  I would like to forget about it, but I can't...  Living out towards the country, we have a couple of stray or wild cats that show up and hang out on our back porch and sleep there.  Most of them are very sweet, but not tame enough to hold.  They have been around for a while, a couple of different cats in fact, two of which have had a litter in the past year.  Don't get the "crazy cat lady" image in your head please, hahaha.  No, they are not even our cats and stay outside, but they find our porch cozy and are fun to watch.... especially the kittens!  They are so adorable.   Just look at that little face!   We discovered a Mama cat had hidden her new litter of kittens behind our fence one night last week when it was raining; she brought them through the fence up to the porch so they would be dry.  There were 4, all wet and wobbling around on their little paws. ... This morning though, we woke up to find one of them dead.  And I won't give you the details because it's sad and I'm thankful I only saw it from a distance, but it has been something that has stuck with me all day.  I know something like that is not uncommon, but it's hard not to wonder, why a poor, little, innocent and sweet animal like that? :(  I pray he went quickly, as well as that the other kittens are able to avoid the dangers here.  God's creatures like these are so precious, and it's so hard to see them be killed or hurt.  I'm sorry for the depressing story; I figured I might be relieved in getting it out in writing.

On a lighter note, and as far as the rest of my day, I have so far enjoyed writing two letters :)
I am about to go outside to check my flower pots for sprouts from the seeds we are trying to grow that we planted not long ago.  I hope to also do some journaling and bake something for our family sometime before the day ends.

.          .          .         .          .          .

How has your Saturday been?  
Have any plans for the rest of the weekend?

Wishing you a blessed rest of this day!


  1. During my unmarried years, I used to be a major candle fanatic! I still love candles, but at least I "don't go crazy" anymore, ha, ha! The scent of your candle sounds really good. I can almost smell it from here. :)

    That's sad about the kittens that passed. I'm glad you only saw it from a distance. I think seeing something like that might make me a bit sick in the stomach. It reminded me of when I was unmarried and living in a duplex. I went in the backyard and found a small black cat laying on the grass. I thought it was just sleeping, but it had passed away. Ugh! :(

    This Saturday finds me just relaxing and taking it easy - doing nothing in particular.

    Blessings to you! :)

    1. Hello Mara,
      I so appreciate your comment! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one in love with candles. They really are wonderful and can almost take you to the place or season they remind you of through their scents.
      I agree, I'm sure seeing that poor little kitten up close would have been sickening and am glad I'm not the one who initially found it, so I didn't have to see everything... I'm sorry you had to see a dead little cat also. I know, it is so upsetting to see, and sad that they have to die and be killed by other animals :(

      Glad to hear your Saturday went well! Relaxing days like that are such a blessing.

      God Bless & I hope you are having a wonderful day!


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