Tuesday, August 21, 2012

THE Most Amazing Gift

A particular aspect of my life has been on my mind lately more often than usual; something I am so very thankful for:  Prayer.

I'm not sure why I have been thinking about prayer so often lately.  It's definitely not a bad thing to think about, and something I have always been thankful for.  Recently, however, I have come to think of it in a deeper sense that has only made me more appreciative of the gift that prayer is!

The first thing I have been amazed to see is how the act of praying is something that is universal.  There are countless cultures all over the world, with extremely different beliefs and values, who for the majority cannot communicate with eachother in language... but they do have one thing in common.  They pray.  If they believe in any God at all, they pray.  And they may do so in different ways, but they still do it.  There is so much strife and differentiation between all of the world's religions, yet this is the common thread among every one of them... and between all the people belonging to them, whether from Texas or New York, Russia, or the Middle East.  I think that alone says much about the power of praying; in that such diverse groups and peoples value it.

...And sometimes, even if they don't believe in God they still pray.  I find that so interesting and quite powerful to think about... I was watching a documentary recently about a group of men in WWII, I believe, who's plane crashed in the middle of the ocean.  From the accounts of their struggles and trying to keep up their will to live while they were drifting (for over 40 days!), one stated that he was not religious at all and did not 'know' God, but he felt helpless and disheartened and he found himself looking to the sky above him and talking to God.
Some people have even had a life experience that has scarred them emotionally, or have lost someone precious in their life and blame Him for it.  I have come across people who have said they were atheists and were such because they held something against God, but even they found themselves in a moment before in their lives when they couldn't handle things and resorted to prayer for an answer.

Prayer is the ultimate gift and such a privelege.  A few days ago, I thought of something that I had not truly thought about before:   What if you tried to arrange a meeting with the President?  You wanted to talk to him about a problem in your community you hoped he would address, or meet him and talk for a few minutes, or even just have a phone conversation with him.  That would most likely never happen, and if it were to happen it would without a doubt be a complicated, lengthy process to be arranged.
But God, who is certainly higher than any man, warmly welcomes us to tell him our problems and "throw our burden" on him, or talk to him about anything at all, at any time of day- or night- we need to!  Thinking about it that way is amazing to me, not to mention the fact that he listens to millions, if not billions, of people at the same time. 

I am SO,SO thankful for prayer.   It has gotten me through struggles from scary things I face to small things in everyday life.  We all have moments in our lives where we feel alone, or like our lives could not possibly get any worse- until they do, and that is when I am especially thankful because having the Lord there to talk to, cry to, ask for, ask forgiveness from, anything at all- is such a precious gift and one of the most comforting things in life! 

Those are just a few of my thoughts.
What are your thoughts on prayer?
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Have a blessed day!


  1. This is a beautiful post. Since leaving the church, prayer has becoming increasingly personal for me and for our family. The only times we pray together are at meals (three times a day) and on our Shabbat. Otherwise prayer really has become something so personal. I "see" God speak to me more than hear Him when I am tending plants or homemaking. Living a simpler lifesytle than I did in the past I think prayer has incorporated itself into my life even without purposefully putting it there.

    Beautiful thoughts Jazzmin, have a lovely day!

    1. Joy,
      Thankyou for your lovely comment! Thats wonderful that prayer is a personal thing for you! I definitely feel that aside from praying with family it is so important to pray from your own heart alone to have a personal relationship with God. I love that you said you see God speak to you through homemaking and other things you do... thats a truly beautiful, meaningful way to hear and feel Him :)
      Lovely to hear your thoughts.

      Have a wonderful day!!


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