Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Snow of Summer

Well, it is fluffy, white, and beautiful in it's own way just like snow... but it's cotton!

This field with hundreds of rows of cotton is just feet away from our road.  If I go stand in my driveway I can see it clearly.

Just like every other year since we've moved here, the beginning of this summer marked the waiting for the cotton seeds to be planted.  When they were planted, I awaited their growth and progression when they were just little green sprouts.  And when they were full grown, I became even more anxious and excited waiting for the day we would see the white tufts of cotton blooming and bursting out!
I think cotton is beautiful... and apparently I'm not the only one, because ever since it "bloomed" there have been countless cars of families stopped in front of this field admiring and taking pictures of it ;)

I love the way cotton fields look.  They are so light and lovely and fluffy looking, such a bright white, and to me they really do look somewhat like snow from a vantage point like this...

Is it not AMAZING that something so soft and lovely, completely different from any other flower or plant, grows from a tiny little seed in nature?   

I think it would be an incredible experience growing cotton.  A field of fresh cotton is such a neat sight to me- just something you don't see everyday- & I wanted to share these photos for anyone else who shares that feeling :)

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Wow...I need to get out and go find a field of cotton. I have never seen a real one, just on television or photographs. Do they use tractors now or is it still hand picked? I would think it would need to be handpicked to stay so soft.

    Your photos are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing these! :)

    1. Hello Joy,
      Thankyou for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed this post and the photos :) Being in front of a sea of cotton is such a neat feeling and I hope you can find a cotton field somewhere to see... I did not see them until we moved even farther south in the state.
      Since the South is historically famous for cotton fields and having it hand-picked for so many years, you would think most fields are hand-picked, but the ones near us are harvested with tractors that push it into big bales.

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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