Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall!!

Today is a much awaited day... the FIRST DAY OF FALL!
Is it just me, or does September feel like it just began?  Yet here were are on the 22nd day and only 8 days away from October!  Oh how time flies.

I look at this photo with the wish that I could be walking along this road on a cool, Fall morning.
The colors of Fall are amazing... where we live they don't get quite like this with the vivid reds, but trees during this season are beautiful in their own right no matter where they are.  I'm just thankful to look at them and ones like these anyway even if it isn't in person.
Fall is such an absolutely beautiful, ethereal, and lovely season!! It's like God painting the landscape to be more miraculous. It sounds strange to say since growth and life are usually associated with Spring, but the Fall season gives me a sense of feeling alive and like the landscape comes to life.  Maybe that's just because everything feels so new with all the bright hues in nature, and the cooler air feels so good!

Out of curiosity about Fall, with it being on my mind, I found a few sort of 'fun facts' related with this season I thought were interesting...

~Pumpkins were named by the Greeks, who called them "pepon",
which meant "large melon"

~"Fall" comes for the expression "fall of the year" used
around half a century ago

~The glucose trapped in leaves this time of year are
what make them red and orange in shade

~There is a tale among Native Americans that tells
of hunters who have killed a bear up in the sky during Autumn, and
when his blood falls to the earth it lands on forests, changing
the leaves to their red color.

~There are just a few places in the world that have the climate
and tree species that together make for bright Fall foliage.
One of those places is the Eastern U.S.

There are so many things about Fall to be thankful for in general, as well as personally in the things that I am looking foward to... cooler days, going outside and feeling the slight nip in the air that wasn't  there before, wearing sweaters and Fall clothes, using all my fall-scented candles, decorating the house and getting excited about ways to 'cozy' up our home for the season, make it feel like Fall inside too... also, the return of pumpkin pies, baking new Southern classics and Fall inspired recipes, and just spending quality time with family!

I am also looking forward to maybe finding a Fall event, not a Halloween carnival, but a Fall festival or something like it to go to during the season where they sell baked goods (pumpkin pies of course!) and scarves and Fall related goods, and have family activities.  I think that would be fun.

This reminds me, as simple of a subject matter as it is, of the days I most look forward to in Fall... the days you wake up to the sound of rain pattering on the roof, and it is just an overcast, brisk, snuggly day.  Those are the 'prelude to winter' days I love so much!

I don't know where this is, but I had to include it... the landscape is more breath-taking (if that's possible) in person I'm sure!  Imagine waking up every day to this view...  the palette of Fall colors against the backdrop of a glorious mountain leaves me speechless.

.                     .                      .                      .

Here's to welcoming the Fall season!
What are you most looking forward to about Fall?

I hope you have a most blessed season!
...and as we say here, Happy Fall Ya'll!!

All photos courtesy: Google Images & Pinterest

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