Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Reflections

During the past week I could smell Fall in the air, on it's way, more than ever!
Over the weekend, I actually got to wear boots and a jacket.  It was cool outside under overcast skies, to the point of needing a jacket (quite a rarity here in the South so early in September), and delightfully rainy and snuggly for days!  I could not have been more thankful for a break in the heat.  The weather was truly a blessing...
It made everything go from feeling like we were in an oven to being comfortable and was just wonderful, and ultimately made me realize that Fall is just right around the corner.  So, with only 5 days until the first official day of Fall, I have been reflecting back on this Summer, what it was like, and what it meant to me...
Here are some of my reflections.

I have a different feeling coming out of this summer than I ever have.  I feel pleased and more accomplished at the things I decided to learn, the priveleges I had, and the ways I used my time.  There are many aspects of this summer- things I did, skills I learned, knowledge I gained- that I feel will stay with me for the rest of my life, positively reminding me of the important things...

~This Summer, one of the things that I feel blessed to have learned more about is the Home Arts!
  I feel it was placed upon my heart to become more interested in this, and I am
so glad I acquired that interest.  Growing up, I have always enjoyed these things to a
point, such as baking and home decorating and crafts.  This year, however, I saw
these things as more than hobbies... I began to see them as skills that I could serve my
family with, and serve my future family with... baking them desserts, cooking meals,
just knowing even the simple skills for running a home...  I baked my first pie,
tried new desserts and meals from my cookbook, and became passionate about
making the home comfortable and welcoming... taking another step
towards being that true 'Southern lady' that I hope to be.
On that thought, I also love the fact that I have broadened my knowledge of
home-cooking and baking as to always have something to make for anyone
needing it, showing hospitality and kindness through more than just words.
Another area of the home arts I enjoyed learning this summer, perhaps most of all,
 was sewing.  My adventures in sewing really began earlier in Spring, but I learned so
 much over the course of this summer and I'm so excited to learn more and more
and sew something amazing someday :)  It has been exciting to progress and learn
new things, taking up something useful and completely new to me.
I also believe that learning more about homemaking and the like has allowed me
learn about how that relates to life, family and living, and has brought me
closer to my roots which is priceless.

~The trip I had the opportunity to take with my family this summer was another great
blessing.   Going to Colorado was absolutely wonderful and so beautiful and scenic.
Reflecting on getting to travel there I am still thankful to have experienced it, just getting
a break from everyday life,and seeing all of that beauty and serenity in the scenery,
reminding me more than ever of God's graces through the landscape and nature.

~One of the most enriching parts of my summer has been deepening
my love for the Lord.  It was important to me to make my summer count in this
sense, to gain a better understanding of God and the gift of life, and to always recognize
the blessings in my life!  It has given me great joy to do this and to focus on my
faith and resolve to stay focused on it, because I know that's where my heart
and thoughts need to be... the same with prayer and the role it plays in life,
as well as thanking the Lord for the things I feel I often take foregranted, and
seeing how He works within all our lives.

~As a combination of all those things, this summer I ultimately have gained a
 greater appreciation for life and for the simple things altogether!
I find myself journaling about and thinking about how thankful I am for the various
blessings in life, the smallest joys, the big ones, having the opportunity
to learn and grow.  My appreciation for life overall has become greater.
I feel I have always been thankful in this way, but I am now so in a deeper
sense... just waking up and being thankful to be alive, to be living another
day, to have family and loved ones, seeing beauty in new things.

...And I am very thankful for the entire summer.  It has been such a lovely one, a summer with more meaning to me than just soaking up the sun (I'd just burn anyway!) or some of the things you might think of relating to summer as a season... it has been a summer of learning, of blooming, growing towards who I am meant to be, and a summer- I feel- of purpose.   I don't feel like I changed really, I just gained a better appreciation for everything and the desire to learn and grow.
And even though this season felt like it went by so quickly as I'm looking back on it, I am so excited for Fall to be here so soon!

How was your Summer? 
What was memorable about it?

Thankyou for reading.
Have a beautiful & blessed day :)


  1. It sounds like you have had one productive and blessed summer. I could tell that you were really enjoying the home arts with all your posts about cooking new foods and/or sewing new clothes. I must say, you really did a fine job on the sewing. Maybe one day, I can be at the level you are at today. :)

    As for me, this summer has been a summer of trials. God has been teaching me patience and faith with various illnesses and personal stresses that I have had to deal with. Although this has not been particularly pleasant, as I look back, I can see how much I have grown and learned from these experiences. I think they have helped me become closer to the Lord, and that is always a good thing. :)

    Have a blessed day! :)

    1. Hello Mara,
      Thankyou so much for your comment and for reading! It definitely felt like a summer of blessings. I'm glad my joys in the things I was learning showed through. And you are so kind, I truly appreciate your upbuilding words and compliment on my sewing! I definitely still feel like a beginner, but I feel honored that you see it as good. I myself look up to your skills in the kitchen, and aspire to make the wonderful things you have shared in your posts :)

      I was sorry to hear as you posted throughout the summer that you were dealing withillness. You are in my prayers. It is wonderful you have found some goodness in it, though... what a blessing to have gotten closer to the Lord. I can relate, I believe faith is really what gets you through those kinds of trials... I know I did not mention it, but part of what I meant by writing that I have grown in closeness with Him also and that I have focused on being more thankful deals with that. I have had health problems during the summer and before then that made me depressed at times and made me feel helpless, but relying on God for strength was all I could do and it helped me focus more on the happiness and not feel as down. I know it's so hard to get through these things, but I guess trying times with our health really are good lessons in faith :)

      Thankyou again for your kind words and sharing your thoughts and your summer.

      Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. I am so proud of you!!! Really and truly as Mara said, it has been so wonderful to see your accomplishments through your posts. I have enjoyed seeing you find joy in the art of homemaking...isn't it wonderful???

    For me this summer was another test in my heat tolerance. I just don't know if I am ever going to get used to those really high Texas temperatures. While I did learn alot, I read much, explored as many new places as I could around our town, did more gardening...etc. I think the largest lessons I learn are right here in my home. We are always going through processes of change and this summer was no exception. All of a sudden I feel as if I have strangers for children as they keep growing and that in itself is a learning experience. does make life interesting!

    Have a wonderful day, this was a beautiful, beautiful post! :)

    1. Joy,
      Your words made me smile so much as I read your comment! That makes me feel very honored and happy. Yes, homemaking truly is wonderful!! I feel so blessed to have acquired a passion for it, as well as that I have lovely women to share that with like you :)
      Thankyou for telling me about your summer! I know what you mean about the heat... if you never get used to the tempuratures here, don't worry, that's normal. After almost 20 years I'm still not used to it- maybe to a point, but there are definitely days I wake up and think 'Oh my, can it really be this hot?'. It is pretty unpleasant living in, basically an oven, for months. Thank goodness it's almost over, then people sensitive to heat like ourselves can rejoice! It sounds like your summer was fun and wonderful aside from that though- I am so glad! Going places with your family and exploring is one of the best ways to spend time.
      And it was so great to get to read about your experiences in gardening, reading, and daily experiences.

      Change is definitely a process in itself, but there really are many lessons, as you mentioned, that it has to offer. And I know I can't relate to how it feels to have your children grow up and change, but it must be so interesting as a parent to see them grow and see new aspects of their personalities and such- I'm sure it does get interesting, hehe, but I'm sure it is still a blessing of raising them.

      Thankyou so, so much for your lovely, sweet comment!

      Have a beautiful day :)


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