Friday, October 26, 2012

Cold snap!

I am so thrilled to be experiencing some truly cold weather!!  I believe today has been the coldest day this season in this part of the South, especially with the wind chill.  The time I have spent outside today, my ears and nose were freezing and I actually had to put on a coat and bundle up a bit.  I hope this weather stays on for at least a few more days...
I would assume that anyone visiting from New York or Philly or Chicago would feel right at home- or maybe even think this is warm compared to what they have lived in.  It has been so nice, though.

Cold weather, for those who love it, puts that feeling of life and vigor in your bones that's sort of hard to describe.  I love that feeling.
The best part of having this cold day has been just feeling the chill in the air and appreciating the wind on my face and not sweltering, and inside it is so nice to feel snuggly and warm, sit on my bed by the window with the blinds drawn and read with the sight and sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees and the leaves dancing around on the ground with every little gust.  Now all we need to do is make some hot chocolate and it will be the perfect day... but we are about to light our fireplace and make some cookies so that will be just as good :)

Do you like cold weather?
What's it like where you live?

.               .               .

Having it actually feeling like Fall is so wonderful and such a blessing!  The weather here does tend to tease us, but I'll enjoy this no matter how long it lasts.
Speaking of Fall, here is a photo of our Mums that we bought last weekend as they look newly planted around our front tree!  We had fun doing some simple Fall planting, including planting these and doing some potted plants along our walkway for curb appeal.

Wishing you a blessed and wonderful weekend!!

Stay warm if it's cold where you are too!

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