Monday, October 1, 2012

Decorating for Fall!

Since the arrival of Fall a little more than a week ago and picking up the new issues of both Southern Lady and Southern Living magazines recently with beautiful photos of Fall floral decor, something that has been on my mind often is decorating for the season!  This is my first year really and officially getting into decorating for Fall since I have become more interested and passionate about the home arts... there seems to be so many ideas for beautiful decorations for your home for Fall that get me excited!

I am still in the process of this, and so far I only have very subtle pieces, small elements of the Harvest season and a good deal of Fall inspired candles... It has been so much fun, as I try to think of things to put up, to look for inspiration from different sources.  Inspiring boards from Pinterest have captivated me and gotten me even more excited for the season... (and I actually just searched for these as I don't have an account...  I feel like everyone does now, and one of my closest friends has told me how wonderful it is, so I am seriously thinking of joining the 'bandwagon').

As far as style, we aren't decorating for Halloween- just Fall in general and anything that relates to the beauty of the colors and leaves, the return of pumpkins and pumpkin pie, and the inspirations of nature that give you the feeling of Fall's arrival... so here are some ideas I am inspired by with the classic, Southern, and country styles I am drawn to...

I love the country-simple, friendly and welcoming decorations I have seen so far in magazines this season, and this reminds me of them in some ways.

I have seen this in a few different places and it's such a simple and wonderful idea... I love the mix of pumpkins and candles.  This would make a great center piece to a table, especially with that garland behind them.

Another neat idea for candle holders.  The rich red hues in the apple are somehow more magnificent looking with the candle wax dripping down over them.

Mums!  They have a cheeriness to them and feel so festive for Fall.  Having floral arrangements throughout your home is big in the South too, so this feels extra homey to me... and I love that it is arranged in silver.

The decorations I do have so far have pretty much all ended up on our fireplace mantel... I love adding decorations to the mantel shelf or on the hearth because it makes everything more cozy and makes it feel like home, because the fireplace is like the source of warmth and love in the home... The ideas in this photo are neat, but what looks like a garland laid along the mantel shelf has a particular loveliness that caught my eye... and the fireplace alone with the strong look to the stone is wonderful in complimenting the decoration.

I think the Fall decorating ideas that have maybe the most classic aspect to them are those outside on patios and porches or front walks...
This is such a pretty piece to put on your front door- so warm and welcoming!

Sunflowers are often affiliated with summer, but their color has a fun certain rustic quality that is nice for Fall.

If I had a front walk like this, I would probably park myself in a rocking chair right in front of it and stare at the beauty of Fall happening before me.  The foliage all around is so picturesque.

Something I think looks so classic and inviting also, a sort of unique area of seasonal decorating, is decorating your mailbox.   This would already be on our mailbox if we had one at the end of our driveway instead of down the road.  This photo is out of one of my favorite magazines, 'Southern Lady', and the day I bought the Fall issue and saw this I thought it had so much grace, class, and festiveness to it.  I know it's only a mailbox, but it shows what a little ribbon and a trip to the craft store can do :)

.               .               .

Those are a just a few Fall decorating inspirations I have found so far.  I wasn't necessarily looking for the most clever or inventive ways to decorate, just some options that can bring coziness, heart and the sense of Fall blessings to your home!
Just writing this post has got me anxious to finish our Fall decor so it will feel like Fall inside just as much as it does outside... or in the case of this part of the South where the weather isn't drastically changing yet, it will feel like Fall inside more than outside, haha.

Are you and your family decorating your home for Fall?
What ideas inspire you?


Have a beautiful day.

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