Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Day in My Favorite Town

This has been a quick- but wonderful- weekend!
Hope your weekend has been an enjoyable and blessed one as well.

I had a wonderful time out with my family on Friday, making for a great start to the weekend, which I am very thankful for.  I thought I would share a little about it, as well as some photos that I took.
We ventured to a favorite little town of ours that we love taking a mini-trip to as a treat once in a blue moon, a place I have written about once before.  It is small and old-timey and lovely and we enjoy doing a little shopping and eating out.
This Friday we had a wonderful time just spending family time there and enjoying the day!

I love this old water tower.  In fact, I love all old water towers. They have something so 'days-of-old' feeling about them... this one is just a few yards away from the restaurant we always go to when we come here.
It looks like this inside...

...and is so neat and old, as it is actually used to be a cotton mill.
This place serves the most wonderful country-style and delicious Southern food you can imagine... everything is rich and amazing.  The salsa is even different, it has almost a juicy, fruity tang amongst all the pepper flavor. Mmm.

And this is my 'signature' plate I pretty much order every time.  Now there's you a turkey sandwich!  They are very generous with the amount of turkey they put on.  And then that little cup is some honey-dijon that you can pour on for extra flavor.  I can't write about this anymore... it's too hard when I know I won't get to eat this sandwich again for awhile, haha.
Perhaps my favorite thing about this restaurant that makes it so unique is that it is open to the outside.  So, right behind our table- and really every table- is a full length window like that that you can feel the breeze by and that looks down the hill to the river.  Doesn't get much better than that.  It feels a lot like a treehouse.
And I've been here once or twice I believe when it was raining, and there is nothin' like being at the top of a hill in an old mill with the cozy feeling of having the rain falling right outside with no windows in between you and the rain.  Even better than that is when they light the fire in the middle of the room.

I may have mentioned this in the other post, but right next door is the old town dance hall.  And across the street from that is the vintage and antiques store we love so much.
In one side of their display windows were all of these vintage cookie jars I thought were neat, and on the other side they had a beautiful Fall seasonal display that I failed to photograph. 
The area I usually make a bee-line for is the jewelry, and I appreciate that because of the store it is- being old-fashioned and authentic- everything is great quality and beautiful.  Most of it is Southern style jewelry which I of course love... everything from pearls to vintage brooches, and more than anything there is quite a lot of turquoise and southwestern jewelry.  I have come to love it within the past few years.

As you can see, there is no shortage of turquoise jewelry here ;)
It's sort of funny, this cuff here is what I wore when we were there Friday and the antique store is actually where I got it the last time I was there.
I enjoy picking up just one thing when we go, and this time I got this charm bracelet. I love charm bracelets, and this one had the sort of aged looking silver metal finish to it.  I told my Mom that I must have really loved it, because it has a charm with a bee on it and I am not a fan of bees- or I'm afraid of them anyway.

My Mama purchased these at the same place, very pretty & southwestern.

I actually didn't spend all that long looking at the jewelry though- my favorite thing about this store is the adventure of finding all of the old-fashioned items they have.  Old family photographs and wedding photos are my favorite to see, which they had a lot of, because I am fascinated by the history in them... looking at each of them and thinking about what the people in them might have been doing or feeling at the time.

Perfume bottles, especially those you can tell are from the 40's or earlier, are also something I love to look at in antique stores.  I like to think of the graceful women that wore them all those years ago.

And the things I gravitate to most are the antiques that were used in everyday life and in the home by homemakers before us... like this silver set, and bake-ware, old muffin tins and cake pans, irons, stoves, aprons and old telephones.

These antiques, that store, and just the whole little town are wonderful... going there is heavenly and like stepping back in time for awhile, where everyone is kind and living life at a slower pace.  I thank God that little towns like this still exist, places that are authentic and remind you of better days, and where there isn't just miles of concrete everywhere.
I treasure every little trip I get to take there, made all that much better getting to spend time there with my family.

That was the highlight of my weekend so far.  Aside from it, I also got to try a new recipe which I was excited about and hope to share tomorrow or as soon as I can get the photos ready for it.

What did you do this weekend?

Thank you for reading.
Hoping you have had a blessed weekend & are having a wonderful day!

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