Friday, October 5, 2012

Inspiration: Quotes

Don't you love those amazing moments when you feel a sense of inspiration? when you see a photo like this for example that takes your breath away...
or you are in- or see a photo of- an open, peaceful place like this...
... just open and quiet, with miles of prairie or plain under an endless sky that makes you feel inspired or thoughtful.  Driving on country roads or taking road trips here in the South, you see a lot of land like this depending where you are.

There are a variety of inspirational things we come across from day to day... photography, a painting, or a film that portrays a lifestyle, place or dream that we are inspired by, reading a book or magazine article on a topic that interests us, meeting someone who has a spirit or liveliness in them that we can't forget and maybe aspire to be like, or even hearing a song with lyrics that get to our hearts or make us smile or feel a peace...
But a simple way of finding inspiration that is perhaps the most universal: reading a quote.


When I read words of comfort, I find my heart is warmed, comforted, or just delighted by what I am reading... and sometimes I just love the laughter reading a humorous, witty quote provides especially when I really need to laugh.  Overall, inspiration through quotes makes me more appreciative of the simple things, of life itself, and thankful for the guidance of the meaning in them... whether it's in a book, on a sign or a bumper sticker, a greeting card, or in a scripture.

I think there is something truly special about quotes from those who lived before us- especially from those who were old and wise- because their words expressed that they found an answer in life, as to what it is truly about, or something they figured out that they shared so we would take it to heart and hopefully learn from it...  these quotes are often simply written or spoken, but convey priceless wisdom and meaning...

Feeling inspired is something we have all experienced and is such a blessed feeling.  Ultimately, quotes are such a precious gift... being able to read a few words that hold so much meaning and apply to us personally as we go through trials, or just everyday life.
I have felt so inspired by quotes and words of wisdom I find, that I decided a few weeks back that I would make a separate page called "Quotes & Insight" devoted to listing these quotes, scriptures, and sayings as I find them, covering different aspects of life and many that I relate to personally and think almost everyone can relate to or find inspiration in.  At first, I just wanted to write down these quotes I find inspiration in on a piece of paper to keep or in my journal to be able to go back to, but I figured it would be neat to share them here instead!  I'm excited to write them there as I find them and see the list grow :)

What inspires you?  Do you have a favorite quote?

Thankyou for reading.
Have a wonderful weekend!

images courtesy Google Images & Pioneer Woman


  1. my favorite quote:

    For God to do nothing? That's IMPOSSIBLE!

    1. Hello,
      Thankyou so much for your comment and sharing your favorite quote! That is a wonderful one, very powerful... I love scriptures and quotes about God so much.

      Have a blessed day!
      Jazzmin :)


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