Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simple Joys

I was thinking a little bit today about how some of the busiest weeks, although stressful at times, have some of the nicest or neatest moments no matter how minute.  Or they contain more simple joys than the less stressful weeks, sort of like having ice cream after getting a shot at the doctor... having a little bit of extra blessings and goodness amidst what you have a hard time dealing with.
I wrote a post a while ago just listing a few simple joys I noticed... Similarly, here are a few small (and quite random) things that have added some interest and joyful feelings to my days recently in the simplest of ways...

Hot Air Balloons
This morning on our way into the town nearby we saw a hot air balloon!  I think they are so neat and pretty to watch and give a little sense of wonder and joy.  This one was so close to us and we actually saw it as it was taking off in a field parallel to the road.  I was so disappointed I didn't have my camera.  I hadn't thought of or seen one in quite a while, but now that I'm thinking of it riding in a hot air balloon is definitely going on my bucket list.

Berries and Fruits
We just got home from getting groceries and got a little tub of the juiciest looking blackberries!  Yum.  Fruits are so wonderful, as is the amazing array God provided for us.  The blackberries are now sitting on our countertop, inspiring me to want to look through my Southern recipe books for a recipe for blackberry pie.

Gingerbread Men
A second item we picked up, mostly on a whim: a holiday mix for gingerbread cookies.  I can't wait to either buy or make some icing to put on them and I especially cant wait to make them, hopefully when our company comes this weekend.  When I get a chance, hopefully I can make some from scratch as well.

Receiving a Package
My package arrived yesterday!!  One of my favorite things in the world is getting a package, or really anything in the mail.  Packages and letters make any day better and more exciting.  Personal packages from your Grama or someone you love are the best because they're like care packages just for you, but this one was actually something I ordered...

The package I received contained the new laptop I ordered (from QVC)!  Its so fun getting something "brand-spankin' new" (whether new-new or just new to you) and I am so thankful for it- it's very nice,  I love it.  It is so different from my old one and I have to admit getting used to Windows 8 is a bit of a challenge, but I'm getting acquainted with it and learning as I go.  One thing that I am excited about in regards to the new laptop is another simple joy: feeling accomplished.  It may sound funny, but I feel accomplished because this is the first major thing that I paid for by myself.  This post is also special because it's the very first one I'm typing on my new laptop :)  And yet another simple joy: smooth keyboards.  I could type a million words.

Scented Soap
From laptops to scented soap, haha.  Sometimes I feel that the absolute simplest things that make us happy are so satisfying, like scents.  Today I used a scented soap that smells like limes.  It smells wonderful and made me smile because it reminded me very much of the way green jello smells.

This is probably one of the little joys that is constant, giving me a sort of happiness and comfort in being able to write my thoughts and get heaviness or anything inside my heart or mind expressed.

Feeling Blessed
Even when worries flood my mind, there is always a source of comfort through praying and those moments when I count my blessings or even realize them without counting, helping me to be more positive and see the glass half full more often.

.               .               .

I'm sure as soon as I press 'publish' I will think of one I forgot, but this is a small list of a little positivity I wanted to share for the moment.

What simple joys are you feeling??

Thankyou for reading.
Wishing you joy, both small and large!
Have a blessed day!


  1. What a wonderful post! I love Hot Air Balloons too and I hope you get to ride on one. Maybe you should look into that for an upcoming birthday or family event. :)

    And scented soaps...I love them too!

    1. Hello Joy,
      Thankyou for your comment! That would be a great idea to have a Hot Air balloon ride for a special occasion or event. I am not sure if I will be afraid to go up, but it does seem like a more relaxing way of experiencing heights.
      And scented soaps really are wonderful! I'm so glad they make them. It would be interesting to make your own scented soap too.

      Have a wonderful weekend,


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