Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend in Photos: Mums, Country Drive

I hope you had a blessed and wonderful weekend!
I realize it's Tuesday and not as close to the weekend as it was yesterday, when I meant to write this, but I wanted to share a bit about my weekend through photos.
This weekend was enjoyable and just a relaxing and relatively laid-back couple of days, but we did do a few things I enjoyed where I took the opportunity to take some pictures just for fun.

So here is my weekend in a few photographs :)


Saturday morning breakfast, sitting by the window at our table
and reading the new winter issue of Southern Lady.

After breakfast: we got dressed and went to the local garden center.
It doesn't get any more Fall than the scene before us when we arrived: a sea of
Mums and pumpkins! 
A beautiful variety of yellows, oranges, classic cream colored mums, and even a light lavender.
Back at home: these are the few we purchased, waiting to be planted around
our tree out front sometime this week.

Evening: Lucie wondering what this new thing is I brought home.  I have a love
for Lambchop and was excited to see this larger one, as I already have a miniature.
I grew up with Lambchop & Shari Lewis, so Lambchop is nostalgic to me- but I also
just love how sweet and cute she is and that she represents a simpler time.
Lambchop has been around for sometime, since the 50's I believe. 
You may be familiar with her... here is what she looked like originally.


After lunch, a slice of cake from the night before. Sprinkles :)

Afternoon: an errand and a trip to the bookstore (which I hope to share about soon), and a drive through the country.  This is the land I love to drive through, wide and open with nothing but a blue sky
stretching for miles.

We came to a beautiful spot where the road crossed over a pretty, narrow spot in the river.  There were a couple of kayakers going through and I wished I was in their shoes- what fun.

How was your weekend? 

Thankyou for reading.
God Bless & have a wonderful day!!


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!

    I loved Lambchop! Shari Lewis really had some amazing talent. Here is an interview of her done back in the 80's: http://youtu.be/nXHKG4h-ypc, and I loved her one minute bed time stories...even though I was a teen by that time, I still watched them with my little sister and brother. :)

    Goldilocks: http://youtu.be/iP9UktSukcE

    1. Hi Joy,
      I'm so happy to hear of someone who shares a love of Lambchop! And that was so kind of you to go through the trouble of linking those videos for me- thankyou, I loved them! I had no idea Shari Lewis was an orchestra leader. Her range of talents really was incredible, and she also seemed like a such a wonderful person with a heart of gold.
      I also loved the Goldilocks one minute story! Lambchops flailing little arms at the beginning really made me laugh.
      This kind of innocent and educational entertainment was one of a kind. Although I haven't seen her version of Lambchop, I think it's interesting too that Shari's daughter took it over after her death.

      Thankyou again for the links and for reading and commenting :)

      Have a wonderful day,


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