Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Delightful Friday

Yesterday in my daybook, I mentioned that in the afternoon we were planning on going out to eat and then spending the day out.  We had a great time as a family at the restaurant and then stayed around town to have some leisure time walking around and doing a little shopping.  At one point we found ourselves in one of my favorite places as I have shared before, Yankee Candle :)

This season, I have spent a decent amount of time in their shop looking for candles that would be great for Fall and picking up some to start us off for winter too.  Yesterday, they were having a wonderful sale of fifty percent off all regular price candles.  I spent quite a while searching for one that I was in love with and by the time we left I think the olfactory bulbs in my nose were full because every candle had started to smell the same, haha.  This is the one I decided on... Pumpkin Cream Pie. Mmmm.
I thought it was a delicious scent and so perfect to burn for the next few weeks and the rest of the season.
If you have been to a Yankee Candle, you know that the selection can be overwhelming... but in the best of ways.  The holiday and seasonal candles spanned practically an entire wall... this section had the most wonderful scents of which I hope I can come back for a couple next month.  Everything from Mountain Berries, Gingerbread, Cherries on Snow (amazing!), Fresh Balsam Wreath and Winter Wonderland, to Peppermint Bark, Cranberry Peppermint, Eggnog, Crisp Apple Strudel, Sparkling Cinnamon, and Sparkling Snow.  Those candles that smell like a fresh fallen snow and the way the air smells when it's snowing are just heavenly.
Something exciting about our trip there, also, was that we got a free catalogue with scented pages... I'm sure I looked silly on the way home smelling and rubbing the pages for the scents.  It is so neat to have samples through the pages, and I believe my favorite is the Red Apple Wreath candle- it is so fresh.
We also made a quick trip to the craft store, where things got more exciting!  I'm simple in the fact that simple things delight me...
Like looking at the calendars there.  Purchasing calendars for the new year always brings me cheer!  This is one of the prettiest calendars I've seen this year, the country scenes were so beautifully painted.  I would love to be sitting by that beautiful tree and brook. And what looks like blue-bells among the grass reminds me of the flowers we see in Spring here.  What a peaceful place.
Although I did not take any home with me, I am definitely keeping this one in mind.

Maybe because writing and sending, as well as receiving, personal letters and cards is something I love, I enjoy browsing through the greeting cards just for fun.  I also like to get an idea of what cards to get for family in December (and also creative gift ideas).
These were in the anniversary cards and although different, I thought they were both sweet and made me smile.

The really exciting thing that was a surprise to me was when walked in the door and saw that all of the Fall home decorations were marked down to eighty percent off!  I thought that they would be doing this later around the week after thanksgiving, but I was so glad we came because it was already picked through.  I was amazed at the clearance, though, and picked out something beautiful- a Fall garland for our fireplace.  I think it is lovely and I will share a photo of it in my upcoming post sharing our seasonal decorations :)
The other thing I ended up buying was this pretty, glossy cranberry colored plate with a pretty design on the edges.  I have some thoughts on what we can do with this for a neat decoration for winter!
Simple joys and excitements and a day with family made for a blessed Friday.
Have you bought any seasonal items recently -decorations or candles- or something you are excited about??
Hope you had a lovely Friday yesterday also.
Thankyou for reading.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I'm a real lover of candles, so your trip to the Yankee Candle shop would definitely be a favorite of mine. I can't tell you which candle is my favorite though ... too many choices that I love!

    I love the red platter you picked up, too. I'm a serious dish collector, so it looks like we should be BFFs!

    1. Hi Jerralea,
      Thankyou so much for your comment! Candles truly are wonderful, I'm so thankful for the joy they bring through their scents. I agree though, there are too many choices, hehe!
      How neat you collect dishes. That seems like a wonderful thing to do and so pretty when you can display them too. It really does sound like we should be best friends. It's neat to learn that we have such similar tastes :)

      Have a blessed day,

  2. I think if I visited a Yankee Candle, my nose might get overwhelmed with all the lovely candle smells. Also, with all those candle choices, goodness! I think that I might loose my mind just a bit, tee hee. :) I'm glad that you found one that you would enjoy.

    The front cover on your new calendar looks beautiful! I can also picture myself sitting underneath that tree enjoying the beauties of nature. I need to buy some calendars for the new year.

    Your other shopping finds were nice as well. The photo of the two dogs holding on the the bone made me laugh. :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Mara,
      Thankyou for stopping by and commenting! I know what you mean... I think that's exactly what was happening to my nose as I smelled all the candles. It is a joy to smell all the lovely fresh scents, until you can't smell anything anymore, hehe.

      Hope you find some calendars that you'll enjoy for the new year... if you are looking for a place to purchase them, the store we were at was Hobby Lobby. So if they have those in your area I think you would like the selection, everything from calendars of country scenes and painting to Psalms and scripture calendars.

      Have a blessed day.
      And thankyou, hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!


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