Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Laughter & Family

-Milton Berle
Last night I laughed harder than I have in so long.  You know, that kind of laughing where you find something so hilarious that it sends you into laughter that almost hurts, where your face scrunches up and your stomach is tight and maybe even fall on the floor, barely able to stop to take a breath.  I call that having a laughing attack.
I have always had a problem with having that kind of laughter hit me when it wasn't the right time and it's quite embarrassing.  If it's ever happened to you, you know what I mean.  Sometimes, though, it happens at the right time and place where it is appropriate to laugh that way.  Somehow it can still be embarrassing though... like when the laughter will not stop.  Especially if, when you have a "laughing attack", you laugh silently and then it's just completely quiet as your family or friends around you look at you in wonderment of whether or not you're going to stop anytime soon.

That may sound extremely random, but I am feeling extremely appreciative of laughter, especially after last night when I laughed like I haven't laughed in awhile.  And it felt great and reminded me of how good it feels to be alive.
Laughing is such a wonderful feeling, an emotion that gives you a feeling like nothing else.

On another subject- although sort of having to do with laughter and good times- we had family stay with us this weekend through today.  They left around noon today and it was sad to see them go.  Having company always makes everything more exciting... kind of like that feeling when you are a child and your grandparents or aunts come into town and stay with you and everything feels fun and special.
I don't think that feeling has to go away no matter how old you are.
I enjoy welcoming others into our home and showing them some Southern hospitality through food and a comfortable room and everything that can make them feel at home.
The family that stayed with us was my Aunt, my Momma's sister, her husband, and their little boy.  They are great company and we had a nice time catching up and having laughs.
I think they enjoyed their stay and enjoyed being in the South for awhile and experiencing the laid-back feel of everything, as they are from the Northwest and don't get to visit too often.

Overall, it was nice to enjoy some time with family we have been missing :)

.          .           .          .          .

God is so wonderful in giving us the gift of enjoying good laughs and loved ones.

Do you enjoy uncontrollable laughter?  seeing and welcoming family?

If you are reading this, have a blessed evening and wonderful rest of the week.  Hoping your week has been a nice one thus far.


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