Saturday, January 26, 2013

6 Words & "Faith is a Bluebird"

In my Art class this week, we were asked to do a simple, but fun activity to get to share a bit about ourselves...
The assignment was to describe yourself, your life, where you come from, and/or who you are.
In only 6 words.

Here was mine.
At first, this didn't seem like it would be too hard... but as I sat there for a few minutes trying to think about what my six words would be, I realized how difficult it is to sum up who you are meaningfully using so few words.  Several words came to mind, but I found it hard to come up with words that got across who I am that weren't just a list of hobbies or things I "like".
I thought of "enjoys baking, sewing, writing, drawing" and "family"... but it seemed like I was just throwing that together instead of having words that truly described me, my values, my heart, the things in the forefront of my life.
Sitting there, the thought also crossed my mind that when I presented my words to everyone in the room I really wanted them to illustrate meaning.  I wanted the key parts of my heart to show, what my priorities are, what I'm passionate about, my love for the Lord.
And that was when I wrote a few words down that I felt captured that:
Family, Faith, Roots.
Then I filled in the blanks and changed "roots" to "Southern" because the two are one in the same for me, and because of my love for where I am from.  Everyone else may not have thought about it, but putting that word seemed to evoke my love for magnolias trees and the feeling of sitting under a big Oak tree on a summer's day and having cookouts and all of that.
When I got up and wrote out my words and read them aloud, I felt good about it.
Before I sat back down, the teacher asked me if I have a "drawl" because I wrote Southern., which I thought was funny.  I don't know if I do, but I say things like puh-tay-tuhs and fixin' to, haha.
I thought it was a really interesting- seemingly simple, but difficult- thing to do, and if you have never tried to write out your life and who you are in so few words, you should try it.  It's neat to see what comes and what words you choose to get to the heart of who you are.
As one of the words I chose, Faith does play such an important part in my life, really THE most important part of my life that everything else falls back onto... and I was reminded of a little poem about faith that I heard in an old Disney film called "The Rescuers" that I have loved since I was a little girl.  It's sweet and simple, but has lovely meaning and is a good reminder through life, to keep close to your heart.
 Faith is a bluebird
You see from afar
It's for real and as sure
As the first evening star
You can't  touch it
Or buy it or wrap it up tight
But it's there just the same
Making things turn out right
Does faith play an important part in your life?
What would your six words be?
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. You're right, I think it would be difficult to summarize who I am with just six words. It's something I'll have to think about . . .

    I think you did a great job! Describing who we truly are in few words without naming hobbies and things we enjoy doing I think is not an easy task. Yes, hobbies do describe who we are, but only in a partial sense, since there is much more to us than the activities we enjoy doing.

    I loved the little poem too.


    1. Hi Mara,
      Thankyou for your comment! You put that really well, that there is so much more to us than just our likes and things we enjoy doing. Those things definitely do influence and even shape us, though, so I guess that's why it's hard not to include them in trying to come up with a few words to describe ourselves.
      Glad you enjoyed the poem also :)

      Have a blessed day!

  2. Hey Jazzmin,

    Wow, this is hard trying to come up with only 6 words...I think I would be here all day trying to choose the right words. You did a great job and I loved how you explained it. The poem was lovely, as was the picture. Thank you for sharing, my friend!

    I hope your week is blessed!

    Hugs to you,

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      Haha,I felt like I would be there all day long too when I was trying to come up with mine. Thankyou for the sweet words, and I'm glad you enjoyed the poem and little bluebird! I am always thankful for sweet little things like that and reminders of faith through simple means.

      Thankyou for commenting!

      Have a blessed weekend :)

  3. Jazzmin, what sweet words you chose. Faith is definitely a word that I would choose. I'll have to think of the other five! Blessings!


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