Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hats & the Southern Girl

I've been inspired to write this post by two things...

1. The desperate need to focus on something else for a little while in the attempt of getting a theme song out of my head ('Happy Days' is pretty catchy), haha!

2. This photo of that hat that I took on a whim the other day while hitting a few shops.

I found this hat, along with many others, on a rack in the very back of the shop.  I thought it was so beautiful.  I still do. 
Seeing myself in it as I tried it on and later looking back at this photo made me wish so badly that wearing lovely hats like this one was still as popular among ladies and girls as it used to be... or maybe just that I had lived when they were worn all the time instead of just for an occasion.
It also made me think of how much hats have made up culture of the South, especially the Old South.

When you think of classy hats, one thought probably comes to mind.  Britain.
But the South is known for ladylike, lovely hats also...  mostly in earlier days, but there are definitely places where you still see them worn.
The number one place is on Sundays at church.  And the Kentucky Derby.  Then there are summer weddings.
Although less dressy, a gardening or sun hat is the kind of hat that is probably still worn most today.  Southerners are used to wearing these hats to keep the sun and heat off, which seems to be present 13 out of the 12 months ;)

Hats can still hold the value of representing lady-likeness, femininity, and beauty.  In fact Hat Socials are a held in some parts of the South, just for the purpose and fun of sharing your favorite hat with other ladies who will appreciate them.
I have been to something of a hat social when I was younger, sort of a tea party held by one of my dearest friend's mom's.  Every lady invited was supposed to wear their best hat.  I remember going and looking up at all the lovely ladies and their hats and thinking how beautiful they all were.
Vintage hats, floral, velvet, pillbox.

Growing up here and seeing those ladies, and then others at church and at weddings and funerals and other places over the years led me to be a little fascinated by hats. 
Seeing Lucy Ricardo's excitement every time she bought a new hat did the same, even if Ricky did make her take them back most of the time.

Really though, I love to look back on the fashion of the Old South more than anything and how hats have been a part of the lives of ladies throughout the generations.

From the hats we see in film, to those worn beautifully in real antique photos of the women before us...

Do you like old fashioned hats??

.                .              .

Thankyou for reading.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Jazzmin, I totally hope you bought that hat - you look fantastic in it!

    I do wish people who look good in hats felt free to wear them. I think people should be free to wear whatever looks good (and modest) on them. We shouldn't let fashion totally dictate to us.

    1. Jerralea,
      You are too kind!! Unfortunately, I did not buy the hat as I did not have enough for it on me. But I would really like to go back and buy that one or a similar hat soon.
      And I know what you mean, I feel like fashion should not dictate us. I try not to let it, but I admit I do to a point. Hoping to work on that this year. I think we should just wear what we like- you bring out a good point: especially if it is modest. Hats are definitely add a touch of lady-like modesty :)

      Thankyou for your comment!
      Blessings to you,

  2. Hi Jazzmin,

    I do love hats. As a young girl, I would wear hats quite often :)

    You look stunning in the hat! You should definitely buy it if you haven't already. Thank you for this delightful post. I enjoyed what you wrote and the charming pictures.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


    1. Stephanie,
      Thankyou for your lovely comment! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the photos and post.
      It is great to talk to a girl who also love hats! I read one of your posts where you had on a sort of wintery, classy hat if I recall it correctly and you looked lovely in it.

      Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week too :)

      Blessings & Hugs to you,

  3. My girls and I have talked about this too! We wish hats were still popular. They are 'so southern'. Several years ago we were invited to a garden tea party. I bought a light, floral dress and....a hat! I felt so pretty and ladylike. Maybe we can all get together and bring hats back. :) Just think of the time we'd save fixing our hair! LOL!

    1. Hello!
      I agree, I think we should bring hats back!! Haha, you are so right, I think women would be ready in record time if we wore hats more. Our hair would be in better shape too without always having to blow dry or curl it too.

      And hats really are so Southern. Oh I bet your hat and dress looked wonderful together at the garden tea party... getting to dress prettily like that really does make you feel ladylike and lovelier somehow.

      Thankyou for your comment.
      Have a blessed day!


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