Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Moon & An Elevator

Tonight the moon is more beautiful than I have seen it look in awhile...
I think the moon is always beautiful.  It seems to be most lovely on dreamy, Southern summer nights, but tonight it is even prettier than that, the type of moon you wish someone would lasso for you.
For about half an hour, it was absolutely huge!  It seemed so, so close to us, and even though it isn't quite as big now that it's later in the evening, it is still unique because it is so clear and bright and clouds a shade of midnight blue surround it.

The moon isn't the only thing that is unique about this day...
Today was a little bit different from the days we have had lately as far as the weather goes- we have had these incredibly strong gusts of wind all day!  I mean strong!  Strong enough to somehow cause the power to go out.  While out and about today, I was walking through a breezeway (which is a good name for it, haha), and the winds were so strong against me that I could barely walk.  All day, it has felt like the wind was going to pick me up and whisk me away!

...Although it doesn't have much to do with the moon or the weather, today I had an experience that was a reminder of being thankful I thought I would share also.  Most days, I don't really talk to too many people.  It isn't something I consciously do at all.  I love people, and even though I am shy, I always want to be friendly.  Even if it's just saying hello to someone I pass in the grocery store.  But most days I don't actually have a conversation- even a short one- with anyone but my family and maybe a few people in my art class when I'm there just because I don't get the chance...
but today I had a conversation with someone in an elevator.  I find something so wonderful about conversations like that with people you come across randomly throughout the day, but this wasn't just an ordinary conversation.  I was actually on my way home for the day, and I had to ride the elevator down.  I pushed the button to go down, and when the elevator doors opened for me to get in I noticed a boy about my age inside.  He was in a wheelchair.  He said hi to me and I said hi back, and he asked me what floor I was going to.  I told him, and then he started talking about how much he didn't like elevators and that started a little conversation.  I replied that I really don't like getting on elevators either.  Then he replied, sort of laughingly, "Welcome to my world."  And at the time, I laughed with him, just as the elevator doors opened to my floor and I walked away and told him to have a good rest of the day. ... Even though our talk in the elevator was so brief, it was nice.  He was very polite and friendly and when I got to thinking about what he said, it left an impression on me.  I was sharing how I was sort of afraid of elevators too, yet I have the option to take the stairs.  He felt like I did, but he didn't have a choice.  He will never get to take the stairs.
Maybe I'm just one of those people that is effected or moved easily by what others would not read into, but it was a reminder of how thankful I should be to having working legs.
At times when I start to take the simple gifts in life for granted, I am always thankful for reminders like this boy gave me.

I am thankful for the legs God gave me, a blessed day, and the gift of being able to look outside and see that beautiful moon! 

Have a wonderful evening!!


  1. I LOATHE elevators, and twice, I was almost stuck in one.

    Being thankful for the blessings we often take for granted in life is something I am learning as well. Sometimes though, we don't learn these lessons until we're actually put in situations where we have no choice. Then suddenly, we become all the more thankful for what God has truly blessed us with.

    BTW, I am "shy" too, and I'm happy that you were able to have a little conversation with someone today.

    Blessings! :)

    1. Hi Mara,
      Oh my goodness, almost being stuck in an elevator would be quite a scary experience! I can definitely see why you are not a fan of them. I don't recall having any run-ins like that, but the fear is always in the back of my head- especially in buildings with several floors.
      I think you summed up taking things for granted perfectly... it is so often that we don't think of how fortunate we are to have something until it's taken away. That is definitely a learning process for me too.

      Thankyou for your comment!
      Have a blessed evening :)

  2. My dear Jazzmin, thank you for sharing this post. Isn't it amazing how often and easy it is to take certain things for granted? A good friend of mine has a little girl that was born with Cleft Palate and yet she is a very happy and joyful girl. She has the most beautiful smile and countenance. I was talking with my friend about how people in these kind of situations seem to have great joy. A lot of times people that have lost their vision, can't walk, or have had some other difficult burden to bear truly are the ones that see life with joy and peace. These kind of people remind me of all that I have to be thankful for and that no matter what I go through, I have the joy and blessings of the Lord.
    Anyway, I am sorry for rambling:) I enjoyed your post, my friend.
    And I am very shy too :) My husband calls me his little wallflower (that's cute, but not always a good thing!) haha


    1. Stephanie,
      Thankyou so much for your always lovely comments... this one really brought a smile to my face. Thankyou for sharing about your friend's little girl... I'm so glad she is happy and doesn't let something like that get her down at all. Our society is a sad thing when something a child is born with makes them "different" and other children treat them badly for it, so it's so nice to see when that doesn't happen.
      I couldn't agree more with you that it seems that those face trials and hardships are often the most joyful, because they value what is important... I think God teaches us to be joyful and appreciative by example of such individuals, and I am trying to be more thankful those simple things, like you mentioned being able to walk and see. Looking at that moon last night, I was thinking of just that- how thankful I was to see it, because I know many people would give anything just to see the moon.
      Thankyou for your beautiful comment, and you weren't rambling at all! I am so glad you enjoyed this post.

      Blessings to you!

  3. You're very perceptive. Most people would have probably let his comment go by unnoticed. It isn't very often that I think to thank God for those things I use most often-my arms and legs, sight and hearing. How blessed we are to have all of that.
    You do strike me as shy...a shy little polite southern girl. :) I was extremely shy most of my life. I've outgrown most of it, but still feel uncomfortable in large groups of people.
    You pic of the moon is gorgeous! Love your post-as always.

    1. We really are blessed to have our sight and hearing! I don't reflect on how appreciate I should be for such things nearly as often as I should, but I love how God definitely helps us to focus more on that by allowing us to talk to someone or see something that strikes up that feeling in us.
      Haha, I must really be shy if it even comes through in my blog. I know what you mean about being uncomfortable in large groups. Sometimes being shy can be hard, but sometimes it can be good I guess... it almost seems like a lot of Southern girls, especially small town girls, tend to be shy and polite. Maybe just because of how we are raised ;)

      Thankyou for your comments, they are always a joy to read.


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