Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Market Days and A Lovely Weekend!

This month feels like it is going by so fast!  Here we are in another brand new week after a weekend that went by just as quickly... I hope your weekend was lovely!!

On Saturday my family and I had such a fun day.  For the rest of the weekend we were busy, but I always feel so blessed to have a day to be relaxed and free amongst the busy-ness. . .
We drove to one of our favorite little towns I have written about before, but this time was different because they were having their monthly market days! 

It was so neat, white booths set up in the center of the town with all types of things for sale and even things to test.... salsa, barbeque, jewelry, hand-made clothes, works of carpentry, and everything you can imagine.  They even had a booth where you could let your dog play in a pin with other dogs and let them get a snack. 
We had such a great time walking through the maze of booths set up with the neatest creations laid out by the merchants.

One of the first we walked up to after parking was a jewelry booth (there was so much beautiful jewelry everywhere!)... the lady running it had such unique and beautiful things, like butterfly wings encased as pendants.  Aren't all those colors amazing?
Probably the most interesting pieces she was selling were a variety of these flower necklaces.  They were made out of real flowers!!  She was saying that she put some type of soy lacquer or encasing on them and she dipped them in that to harden and preserve them then makes jewelry from them.  How neat.  I was in awe, and especially in love with that peach colored blossom.

Aside from crafts and foods, we saw a lot of plants and potted flowers for sale.  I had to take at least one photograph of these beautiful flowers... I believe these were bougainvilleas.  God's colors are so amazing.

After walking around the area where the market days event was going on, we just walked around the town and enjoyed the beauty like we always enjoy doing when we drive down there... the weather felt so good.  Although I've missed having true winter or snow, I enjoyed the cool breeze that felt so wonderful as we walked along.  Just like a Spring day.

I'm in love with the trees like this one, scattered through the town, giving shade on sunny days.

A neat landmark in the town, one of the first buildings built there, the founder's business I believe.

And the best part of every trip, our favorite outdoor restaurant.  We set on a level we never have before.  I can't think of a more calming, relaxing, gorgeous place to eat lunch :)

I took a photo of the menu to share for fun because the way they describe some of the meals makes me laugh... but most of the time they're true, like for what I ordered, hehe.   But trust me, it's the best Turkey sandwich you'll ever eat. 

 Sweet tea with lemon and chips and salsa under the trees.  Doesn't get much more heavenly than that.

Except coming home that night and making this strawberry and mousse white cake.  It was sooo good, and especially when a few pieces were cut out it made me think of the Fourth of July.

I sure am thankful for such a lovely Saturday this past weekend!

How was your weekend?!

Blessings and a wonderful day to you!!!


  1. Sounds like a gorgeous day - the kind I love so well. The butterfly wing necklace was so neat! Also, thank you for sharing the photo of the gorgeous bougainvillea!

    1. Hi Jerralea!
      Days like these truly are lovely to spend outside! Thankyou so much for your comment :)


  2. Looks like you had so much fun!!! I love that butterfly wing neckalce... it's a visual reminder of how detailed and creative our God is!!!

    Those menu descriptions are too funny:)

    1. Hi Kianna,
      Thanks so much for your comment! It was a lovely day and we really did have a wonderful time there. I love what you said about that butterfly wing being a reminder of God's creativity- I could not agree more! It is such a gift to see his creations all around us and how beautifully made they are.

      Blessings to you!

  3. That looks like the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Now I want to go to that little town! I love the oak tree and the flowers. It's it wonderful have we in the south can have lunch outside even in February? I'm glad you had such a nice day. Oh! That cake looks super yummy!


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