Friday, February 22, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook: Friday in February

Outside my window...
It has just gotten dark and all I see is the branches of the trees out back against the night sky.
I am thinking...
about how happy (and thankful) I am that Friday is here!  I am looking forward to some free time this weekend.
I am thankful...
for simple things I am appreciating today, like writing letters, and feeling the chill in the air this morning.
In the kitchen...
a chicken is roasting in the oven, smelling wonderful.
I am wearing...
a comfy, cotton purple shirt and my favorite jeans.
I am creating...
a plan for my weekend art project.
I am going...
for a second helping of cookies n' cream ice cream! haha, I can't help it.  I had forgotten how good it is.
I am reading...
I am hoping...
to do a little crocheting after dinner :)
I am looking forward to...
hopefully a slow, easy-going weekend.
I am learning...
how much a quote or scripture of meaning can influence your attitude and your day.
I am pondering...
just how much I love to laugh.  Laughter really makes life worth living.
A favorite quote for today...
Or actually a favorite movie line, from a truly beautiful and classic film, "It's a Wonderful Life".
"What is it you want Mary?  What do you want?  You want the moon?  Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.  Hey.  That's a pretty good idea.  I'll give you the moon, Mary".
One of my favorite things...
When after a long time of quiet, the house is suddenly full of noises of life and laughter.
A peek into my day...
A beautiful decoration of tulips for the Spring that is inspiring me!  With all this non-wintry weather here in the South, it might as well be Spring... so I'm already getting excited for Spring to be here, and having fun looking for ideas!  Are you excited for Spring?
.          .           .
Thankyou for reading my daybook thoughts for today.
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Living in the deep south too, I know how you feel! I was just looking at spring wreaths on pinterest today. It's cold one day, hot another! UGH!! You know, I like our weather! At least we don't have to dig out of snow everyday! And we can wear cute little shoes all season without worry of frostbite. You have to find the joy in it, right??? :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is getting a touch of Spring fever already, hehe! It really is just like that, cold then hot, cold then hot. You're right though, I'm sure living up where it snows every day in the winter would get old after awhile... and I do like the point about cute shoes! Sometimes it's hard not to wish we had snow to sled in (it must have been wonderful to be up in the snow for awhile on your Canada trip!), but that does remind me of all the positives that come with living where us Southerners do in Winter :)

      Thankyou for your comment!!

      Have a blessed evening!

  2. laughter REALLY does make life a little easier!
    I've learned that if you can think positive, your life will be positive!
    what's the art project you are working on!?

    Have a wonderful day beautiful girl!
    and a wonderful weekend!

    Morgan Ilg

    1. Hi Morgan,
      Thankyou for your sweet comment! You are so right- thinking positively makes all the difference in life! And laughter helps with that!
      My art project is creating an art piece that includes the elements of art... it's open ended and simple, just a little project for my art class :)

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!
      Blessings to you!

      p.s. thankyou for including the link to you photography blog- your photographs are inspiring and beautiful.

  3. What a gorgeous wreath!

    It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies ever. We all have a wonderful life if we could but see it ...

    I totally agree with you that laughter makes life worth living. I especially love belly-laughs!

    1. Hi Jerralea,
      It's a Wonderful Life truly is a wonderful film... no pun intended. I'm glad you enjoy it too!! That message is so important... it's hard to see sometimes, but I really wish we could all just step back and look at all the goodness in our lives as they are the way George Bailey did. We would appreciate our blessings so much more!

      Haha, I love belly-laughs too! Laughs like that are so great to hear and just make you feel happier. They are right when they say laughter is contagious, too.

      Have a blessed Sunday!!

  4. Beautiful, sweet friend! I could almost smell the chicken - I am rather hungry right now :) Laughter is beautiful! It is music to my ears when I hear my son laugh.

    Hugs to you,

    1. Thankyou for your always lovely comments Stephanie!! Haha, there really aren't too many kitchen smells better than something roasting in the oven!

      What you said about your son is so sweet... the laughter of a child is such a precious thing.

      Blessings to you on this Sunday!!


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