Friday, March 1, 2013

Faithful Fridays!

Happy March!

I hope you are having a blessed Friday!
This week seemed like the fastest week of the year so far.  Did your week go by fast?  Did anything wonderful or special happen??
My week was pretty lovely... I am just thankful for every week that passes with health and joys and where God gets me through... and am so happy that another weekend is upon us!

I remembered only about a week ago that this week (tomorrow in fact!) marks the year "anniversary" of my blog's beginning, the day I published my first post!!  It is amazing how time flies... It feels like yesterday I was talking with one of my best friend's about how I was thinking of starting a Southern life blog, and here it is a year later. 
I have enjoyed blogging, sharing bits of my life, joys, blessings, and life in the South, more than any other project I have ever started.  Because that's what this is to me- a beautiful sort of never ending project.  And even more than writing my own blog, I have enjoyed and been constantly enlightened and encouraged by the blogs of others!  And every amazing comment left and friendship I have made in this past year has been more of a blessing to me than I know how to say.
I am so excited for another year!  Excited for new things...

Speaking of new things- although it is a simple addition- I have decided to do something new on my blog!

I am constantly inspired by faith... encouraged and amazed by the power that presence of faith makes in one's life... 
Because of this, I get so excited about the quotes, verses, and expressions of faith that I come across and always want to share them....
So I decided to share those I do find in a regular post... on anything that my heart is moved by having to do with faith and what results from it; courage, inner beauty, love, strength, God, encouragement, miracles.  Every Friday, I hope to post a simple photo that somehow expresses faith!
I hope that reading and seeing them gives you a even a little bit of hope, joy, strength or encouragement!
I figured Friday would be a wonderful day to do this, therefore the title Faithful Fridays :)

For this Faithful Friday...


  1. Happy first blogoversary! May you be inspired to write many more posts.

    I like your Faithful Friday idea, and your first photo is gorgeous. I often say I hope my heavenly home is facing water of some kind. Nothing more peaceful!

    1. Hi Jerralea!
      Thankyou for the blogoversary wishes!! And thankyou for reading my posts and encouraging me with your own for a good part of this past year :)

      Your words about the water are so beautiful... I definitely agree with you that there really is nothing more peaceful! A water view of any kind is so peaceful... an ocean, waves, a lake, or a stream, it doesn't matter.

      Have a blessed Sunday!!


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