Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sometimes something is put on your heart or mind that you suddenly begin to think about more than you ever have... or consider or appreciate more than you ever have.

Lately for me, that thing is femininity.

It has always been something I have appreciated, but more now as I get older.  And I don't mean feminism at all- I'm not a feminist.
I just love the gift of femininity and am so thankful for God's arrangement and the fact that ladies are meant to be feminine and lovely and men are meant to be strong and gentlemanly.  That reminds me of this that I found this week...
I believe this is true.
It is such a privilege to be a girl, because you have the choice to be a lady...  to maybe make boys and men more inclined to be gentlemen.  The world needs more ladies... more Audrey Hepburns... and more gentlemen... more Jimmy Stewarts.
Being feminine and embracing every opportunity to show that is a big thing where I was brought up, maybe because it comes from one thing that is an even bigger deal: manners.
Like manners and kindness, it is something engrained in you growing up with stories and examples from your Momma and your Grandma as it was for me.

I can still remember going to see my Grandma during the holidays as a little girl.  We would look through family albums together and her example of femininity and lady-likeness was so obvious from all those old photos of her as a little girl, to her teens, to her wedding, and later on.

Femininity is a gift.  I have grown up as my Daddy's only daughter, only child for that matter, so I enjoy sports, too.  I like to play baseball and tennis and watch baseball in the summer, and I know other girls who do the same kinds of sporty things or they hunt for fun... but you can definitely still be polished and feminine at the same time.
If there is one thing I have learned from the women I have been surrounded by, femininity and being a lady is of high value more on the inside...
I love all the parts of being feminine on the outside- wearing pearls, curling your hair, having nice nails, wearing pretty and vintage dresses to church and weddings, and getting dressed up sometimes, but so much more important than that is having grace, a beautiful heart, modesty, a sincere and kind smile, and a giving spirit.

And there are also those wonderful aspects of femininity that come naturally to many... like the excited feeling of finding a new cake recipe!  Or buying (or sewing) a new dress.  Or presenting your family with a fresh pie.

One of the things I am grateful for as far as the gift of femininity is what that means when it comes to how we were created...
With the intended desire to have all those attributes like grace, and to always be hospitable and kind, welcoming, caring, and loving!

...For fun, I found a few (or more ;)) words and things (courtesy Pinterest) that I appreciated and thought had a lot to do with lady-like femininity in what they say or portray, and thought I would add them to this post...




Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Jazzmin, I appreciate your thoughts on femininity. I love the fact that God made two sexes! And I'm very thankful that I got to be a girl ...

    Loved the pins you shared. I especially like the one that began with Women of God Can Never Be Like The Women of the World.

  2. How true! I love all your pictures and quotes. Don't you wish we still dressed in those ways? (with hats too.) I agree that we can play sports and hunt and fish and still be feminine girls. We are at my house. It's fun being a girl!

    1. Thankyou for your lovely comment! I do wish we still dressed like the women did then! I loved the hats then too, they added such elegance... wouldn't it be neat to travel back in time to those era's like the 50's!? I'm thankful we at least get to incorporate some of the touches from then into our clothes now as girls and ladies :)

      Blessings to you!!

  3. Loved, loved, LOVED this post! The quotes were fantastic and so true. Beautiful pictures, my friend. Femininity is such a blessing - thank you for sharing.


  4. What a wonderful post - never thought about femininity like that but you are right. I like your sentence: but so much more important than that is having grace, a beautiful heart, modesty, a sincere and kind smile, and a giving spirit.
    Lovely pictures too.
    Following you at A wise woman Builds her home.


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