Sunday, March 10, 2013

You Know it's Almost Spring When...

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1.  The temperature is in the 80's and everyday seems warmer and warmer.

2.  You see people jumping in the river for a swim to cool off.

3.  Tiny flowers are popping up all over your yard.

4.  At 9 am you can't leave the house without a jacket, and by 11 am you can't leave with one on.

5.  You are watching QVC and every segment is talking about Spring clothing or everything "screaming Easter".  (I leave it on sometimes while I'm home doing things like housework and the Spring shows showcasing all the beautiful pastels and bright colors are getting more frequent!)

6.  The newest magazines have changed from sharing recipes for things like ginger-snaps and red velvet cake to punches and peach cobblers.

7.  The last two batches of grapes from the grocery store have started to taste so juicy and delicious!

8.  You've seen neighbors and people around town out gardening on the weekends.

~These are just a few random things I have noticed that are making me notice how Spring really is upon us!  Down here it feels just like Spring... I have family and friends in different parts of the country who are still getting snow and wearing coats outside and although a part of me would love that, I am just going to submit to Spring.  I am excited for it to officially be here on the 21st, although it feels like it pretty much is now :)
And although I didn't list it, one way you can be sure it's almost Spring is when you feel it is... it's like there is a clock in all of us where we just feel like Spring, yearn for Spring.  I always know the season is changing when I suddenly switch from enjoying looking at photos of snow scenes to peonies and meadows.

What signs of Spring are you noticing??



  1. Oh my goodness! I love spring too(: Even though here on the Gulf it hasn't gotten much higher than 70 yet, I'm loving this weather.(: Spring has to be one of my favorite seasons.

    1. Hi Grace!
      Thankyou for your comment! Spring truly is wonderful isn't it? The weather sounds lovely where you are too. I'm glad you are enjoying it! I love Spring too... it's neat to know that where we live it's nearly swimming weather already and almost time to see fields of flowers blooming :)

      Have a blessed day!!


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