Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Art

This week we drove to the city and went to a museum.  I had been before when we lived closer to it and we would go explore different museums on class fieldtrips (that was always so fun!), but it was so much fun to go with my family too.

Even though we went a couple of days ago now, it was such a neat experience and because of that and the fact that I had not been anywhere like that in a while, I have been thinking about it ever since.
Sometimes I forget how amazing the artworks of those before us really were...
I am amazed by the things they did that looked like photographs with oil paints and how they captured expressions of people so beautifully.  They used their God-given talents to see the world and portray it in a way that only they could.

Out of all the art I have seen in my life, I think I enjoyed seeing the collection we saw earlier this week the most!  It was all so beautiful!  And seeing the pieces up close- especially all of those lovely old masterpieces- was so neat, just to see all of the detail and rich colors was just so breathtaking.

~There were hundreds of pieces on display, but these are a few of the pieces that I remember and enjoyed looking at.

This painting was incredible because of the detail and the impressive size.
Somehow, I think larger paintings are always more grand in their own way.
Monet's 'Water Lilies'

There were a lot of religious themed paintings... I always love the beauty of them, especially the ones that show biblical scenes of an event.  It is interesting to see how the artist portrayed it and how they saw it in their mind.
My favorite painting of all.
 The beauty and detail of this was indescribable.
  You just stood there and looked at it and wondered how they created it...
the fabrics stood out to me most; they were so wonderfully painted and seemed to pop out
at you as if you could feel them.
 We really enjoyed our time walking from room to room and taking in all of these paintings, some of which dated back to the 13 & 1400's.
Do you enjoy seeing art and going to museums?
Have a wonderful evening!

{photos: Google Images, Pinterest, Museum Collection site}

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  1. Thanks to your lovely post and sharing the paintings I feel like I got to go to the museum with you :) I honestly can't remember when I last went to an art museum....obviously it's been too long!

    These were wonderful to look at and I think my favorite is the side profile of the young woman - stunning!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

    Hugs to you,


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