Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blooms & "Lemon Cake"

Happy Saturday!

This week I feel like I have been seeing so many beautiful flowers!  All blooming in their glory and so bright.  We have seen them while out or going on walks and I took a few photos of some in particular I thought I would post, just to share some loveliness... some roses and pink oleander. 
I always love getting to take photos of flowers and am hoping to get to go take some of wildflowers soon!

Considering we haven't had too much sun lately (this is what it looked like yesterday morning- so foggy) I am a little surprised that we have all these flowers blooming around us- I'm just glad they are.

Aside from that, this weekend so far has been spent with the scents of one heavenly candle in the air.  It's a Country Kitchen candle in "Lemon Cake"!  Such a happy scent. It was especially enjoyable to have that scent flooding the kitchen last night while I tried out a new recipe.
I loved it from the moment I picked it up and opened the lid in the store yesterday to now while it is burning.  It is the strongest and most wonderful lemon candle I have ever smelled.

Hoping you have a very blessed weekend!!



  1. When I saw the title of your post, I thought you were giving us a lemon cake recipe! That's my favorite cake. I'm not sure if I could burn a candle that smelled like it :) Your photos of the flowers are so beautiful! Spring at it's finest! We enjoyed our visit to your great state. :) Maybe next time we can visit you.

    1. Thankyou so much for your comment :) It's funny how when you burn a candle that is a scent of your favorite food (lemon cake is a wonderful cake to have as your favorite!) it is almost hard to burn it without having the food in front of you... it teases you. I felt that way over the holidays when we had "Christmas cookies" burning all the time, hehe.
      Lemon cake really is amazing though. Especially in summer. I am thinking maybe SouthernLiving will have a good recipe on their website.

      I am so glad you enjoyed your visit here! It was great to sort of go along with you through your photos, and it sounds like it was so upbuilding and such a blessing to go.
      & that would be so great- maybe one of these years we could even see eachother at a conference :)

  2. Oh sigh ... your roses are just lovely! I can't wait for my roses to start blooming - maybe by June :) Thank you so much for sharing. The photos are just beautiful!

    That candle sounds wonderful! I would love to have something like that burning in my home. I think I will have to look for one.

    Thank you, dear friend, for all of your kind words on my blog. You are such a blessing to my heart.

    Have a great week!

    Love and hugs,

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment!! My family that lives up in Colorado say that it is still colder where they are too, but I hope you get some warmer weather so you can garden and so your roses will bloom.
      Thankyou for your comment, your words always touch my heart.

      I am thankful for you!

      Hugs to you!!


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