Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Cake this Sunday: New White Cake Recipe ♥

I hope that your weekend was a wonderful one!
I enjoyed it very much and actually tried a brand new recipe that I wanted to share!

My family cooked a big meal on Sunday.  It was a wonderful meal... we had a roast with carrots and potatoes (my Daddy makes the best roasts), mashed-potatoes, corn and green beans, and deviled eggs!  A combination of Southern favorites.
So I wanted to contribute and bake some dessert for Sunday too :)  I had planned on making a cake recipe that we had made before and a good one, but I came across this recipe for white cake and decided to try it instead because it was a little simpler... perfect for those times when you want to bake something amazing but don't have too much time.  And I am SO glad I chose to try it out!

It was an incredible cake and so simple to put together... it seems rare that a homemade, made from scratch cake turns out that amazing unless the recipe involves whipping and folding cake whites or melting ingredients in a saucepan or other things that take time.  I don't mind a recipe that takes awhile to make because I do love baking, but having a cake come out wonderfully without doing those extra things is not bad either.
I highly recommend this cake, not just for it's simplicity, but because in all honesty we thought it was better than a store-bought cake!
Rich, light, soft, and fluffy.

I am excited to have found this because it will be a perfect go-to recipe for gatherings and showers!

I first creamed together the sugar and butter first with a mixer, then put in the eggs.

Added in the vanilla.

After adding the milk and all the rest of the ingredients, I had a mixture that
looked like this with a great thickness to it but just right.

I used two pans so we would have a double-layer cake :)

After the cake cooled, I frosted it plain white and then used a very fancy- not, haha-
plastic baggy for a piping bag to decorate with a fitting Spring pastel-like pink!
...and some fun dots along the sides.

The finished cake♥ 

Although I linked the recipe above from where I found it, I am also putting it on my 'Recipes' page.
I will also mention that I made some simple changes.  Someone wrote a review I saw that said the cake was best when she added vanilla and milk, so I did that also:  I used 1 full tablespoon of vanilla (you can never have too much!), and I added an additional 1/8-1/4 cup of milk on top of the milk amount already called for.  Lastly, I used cake flour instead because I didn't have enough flour (1 cup + 2 tbsp. cake flour for every cup of all purpose flour).  I don't know if this had anything to do with how it turned out, but if you have cake flour I recommend using it.
I also used two round pans to made a double layer cake instead of one long cake, so I baked my cake on the same temperature but for only 25 minutes.

Thankyou for reading!

Wishing you a beautiful day and first week of April!!


  1. Oh Jazzmin, your cakes always look so divine! I love the pink flower on it - very pretty :) I do not make many cakes, but your inspire me to make more.

    Have a blessed day, lovely friend!


    1. Hi Stephanie!
      Thankyou for the sweet words about my cake :) I'm glad I can inspire you to make more cakes! I think I just enjoy making them so much because you have the option to decorate and have fun with it... and I'm sure when you do make cakes they come out beautifully because the things you've made in the past and share always look so good!

      I hope you have a blessed day!!

      Hugs to you!


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