Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quiet Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday this is!

No matter what, I don't think it could have gone wrong considering how it started... with pancakes :)
My Momma usually makes them, but today I wanted to and had fun.  I tried making a heart pancake.

Our first few going on the skillet.  I even made Lucie (my dog) a pancake.
Whenever we make them, we always make her a tiny one as a treat.  She loves them!

There is nothing better on a Sunday, either early in the morning or in the afternoon after church or lunch, than to slide the screen door over and just feel the sun and the breeze and see the grass and bright flowers outside.  I think I've said how much I love that before, but I really do.  One of those simple things that can make a day so wonderful.  And we had a cool front this week so the air is a little bit more cool and wonderful.

It has been a wonderful day so far- quiet and nice, watching some baseball this afternoon and just good food and family time.  I took a nap today, too.  You know that feeling where you fight it and just don't want to go to sleep because you know you have a lot to do... but I gave in, and it always pays off because you feel better after!

Also, today was kind of exciting because one of the wild cats that has lived by our house for awhile, Mama Kitty as we call her, haha, came up on our porch today.  She has been pregnant for awhile, but today when she came up we thought that she looked less "fluffy".  So we are wondering if she had her kittens somewhere!?  I guess we will see soon when she brings them around, but I'm excited because every year they are so sweet and precious to see!  God's beautiful little creations.

I you are having a blessed Sunday!!

Feeling so thankful for this weekend and this Sunday♥


  1. My mom made us all pancakes Sunday morning too:) We always treat our dogs to something too(well they

  2. Pancakes are one of my favorites! I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper :) Yours look SO yummy and I love the heart. Next time you make pancakes, I will be right over :)

    It sounds like your Sunday was lovely. Mine was very restful. I had a nice nap, then later had a cup of coffee with my husband and finished it off with a good book.

    Have a great Monday.

    Love and hugs,


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