Friday, May 24, 2013

Faithful Friday, Thunderstorms, and the Sweetest Faces

Today has been so cozy and nice...
rainy and stormy, but no really bad weather yet and hopefully not for the rest of the day. 
I love a day of showers and today has been that and then some.  We've had some lightning and thunder and the water has been getting a little deeper on the road.
Earlier we stood on the porch for awhile, just looking out at the rain and enjoying it- out of the way of the lightning.  I think I could stare out at the rain and watch it fall and trickle forever.  The best thing though, in my opinion, is lying in a hammock on a porch while it rains.  So peaceful and soothing.

As I was telling a friend today, they may say "April showers", but it's seeming like May has been bringing quite a lot of rain.  Which I won't argue with.  If only it would keep on through a lot of the summer so we can avoid 100 degree days that would be amazing.

Along with the rain today, came something else at our house.  We woke up to find these sweet little faces...

Aren't they so precious?!  You look at those little sweet eyes and noses and feel their soft fur and you feel God's love.
At first we only saw the black one.  Then, the mama went and got the other two kittens from wherever she is keeping them nearby to bring them to the only dry place.
They were all wet and freezing and shivering, a little muddy and trying to clean themselves.  She's such a good mama though and kept licking them.
They were so cold though so we put a bed out for them and she slept there with them at her side for awhile.  While out there putting it down, I got to hold the little white one and he was so precious.  The mama didn't seem to mind at all either.  She seemed even thankful when, earlier, that little kitten climbed all the way up our screen door.  Strong little guy!  She couldn't get him down, so I pulled him off and brought him down to her.  They sure are rambunctious.
It's kind of funny because last time she had kittens, the first time we saw them was a day just like today when she brought them up on our porch to get them dry and out of the rain.
It's neat to just watch them out our back window in all their cuteness.  I can't help but smile at those faces and their cute little tails as they walk, or should I say waddle.
I love animals so much.
.          .          .          .          .
Today I thought I would just combine two posts, so here is today's Faithful Friday also :)
I am always thankful for direction when it comes to prayer and find it helpful to have reminders of certain things I could pray for but sometimes forget.  I think these things are important things to keep in our hearts to pray for!
Thank you so much for reading.
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. Awww... so precious! I couldn't help but keep looking at the kitties cute faces :) Thanks for sharing their sweetness with us.

    Today is warm but there is a lot of wind! I managed to get some flowers planted and now I am taking a break from weeding :) My son is out playing in the water and I am tempted to join him.

    I hope you have a lovely long weekend, sweet friend!

    Love and hugs to you!

  2. Hi! I saw that you followed me on Pinterest and immediately checked out your boards and followed, I've enjoyed your pins a lot and when I saw that you followed my blog as well, I looked on your blogger profile to see if you also had a blog and was so happy to see that you did!! It's always so wonderful to find another Christian girl with the same morals as mine. I'm looking forward to reading more posts. :)
    I love those kittens!! We have had a few wild cats around our house and they have all had litters of kittens, I love taking care of them. So much fun!
    Kalin from


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