Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Smell of Fresh Peaches

This week has been so nice in that it marks the beginning of a much needed break which I am so thankful for!  It has been such a blessing the past couple of days to sleep in, get excited about places we are hoping to go as a family, books I am excited to read (and finally have the time to read!) , and the possibilities of things to do this summer :)

It has been fun to celebrate the start of this break too!  In our family we always seem to celebrate with food, haha, so my first day of "freedom" my Daddy barbequed burgers because he knows they are my favorite. 

We also got to do a little shopping later.  My favorite thing was going to the bookstore a couple of days ago and picking up some books on travel, as well as a biography about Laura Ingalls Wilder, which I am really looking forward to reading.
Sometimes it's funny though, how you find something you love in an unexpected place.  On the way home, we actually had to get a few groceries for cooking that night, and the closest place to the area we were was Wal-Mart.  We happened to walk by the candle aisle, and I'm so glad we did.
We found a display of at least a hundred candles from a company I had never seen before.  It's called "Candle Cottage".   They had so many amazing scents to choose from and after we smelled one, I was amazed that they were stronger and better than any candles I have ever smelled, even Yankee Candles!
The variety was amazing too... everything from scents of the seashore, magnolia blossoms, and gardenias to mango, pomegranate, southern pecan pie, and one of the best we smelled- iced oatmeal cookies.  The one we decided on because it was so summery and fresh was fresh peaches!

The things I LOVE about these candles...
They are the same price as a candle less than half their size at the place I usually buy candles.
The smell is so strong and fresh and amazing.
They are supposed to burn longer than ordinary candles.
They have a fun, cozy, country look to them.
They are made in a mason jar :)

And here is what my dog did while I was taking photos of the candle outside.  She was more interested in soaking up some sun and lying in the grass. 

If you are a candle lover too, then you can understand how I could make a whole post about a candle, haha.  I just wanted to share because I have never seen these before and they are amazing.
Your nose will be in heaven.
I can't wait to go back and try out some more wonderful scents and stock up for summer.  Fresh Peaches is wonderful, but I'd love to get the mango and maybe the strawberry or watermelon (let's face it, I'd like to buy the whole display, haha). 
These would make wonderful gifts as well.  I think any mom would love one of these, and it's exciting to think of what scent matches different people you could get them for.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Mmm...fresh peaches, I bet it smells heavenly! I am so jealous that you got to go to the bookstore :) My husband asked me the other night what I wanted for Mother's Day and I told him I wanted books! And barbecued burgers are a favorite of mine too - maybe my family will have those tomorrow night.

    Have a great weekend, lovely friend!

    Hugs to you!

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Oh I hope you get your books for Mother's day!! Haha, I know what you mean too- sometimes I have such an itch to get to the bookstore when it's been awhile.

      I'm glad to hear we share a favorite meal.! I wish we were closer to eachother, we could have invited you over to our barbeque! If y'all ended up making burgers today, I hope you enjoy them!

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend♥
      Hugs & blessings,

  2. Yesterday Grace and I were at a feed store buying more chicken feed. This was our first time at this store. Over in the corner they had a place they called The Country Store. It was so precious! Gingham curtains, antique kitchen appliances, etc. They sold preserves, peanuts and cute little country nick-nacks. One of my favorite things they had was candles. I'm sure you've seen these before-one was in a tiny loaf pan, one in a mini iron skillet. There was vanilla pound cake and cinnamon roll scents. They smelled so good. I thought of you! :)


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