Thursday, May 23, 2013

Together at the Beach

Last week, we decided to take a trip down to the coast!
Trips to the beach are always so much fun, but a lot of times we make trips during thanksgiving or around fall time, so it was so nice to get that feeling of going when it's warm and then feeling the cold water!  So refreshing and wonderful!

I am so thankful we got to go... the time we spent there was amazing.
Lying on the beach as a family, walking up and down the coastline, feeling and watching the waves come in (especially later in the day as they seemed to get bigger and more powerful), and then have a picnic in the sand. 
What is your favorite kind of landscape?  I love so many different types of land that God has created for us to enjoy, but there is something so miraculous about the beach- the calming sounds of the waves, the sights, the endless horizon, the sunsets on the water.


This shark has been on the island there for awhile, but whenever we do get to drive to the coast
it's always fun to go take a picture inside the mouth.  It's a huge Great White shark and you
can walk all the way through it.

Leaving was really hard because it was just so restful and beautiful to be there looking at the beauty of the water and nature and being in the sand.  Any place where we get to enjoy nature is so nice.
But it was such a blessing to be with my family and to be so relaxed and having fun.
They say half the fun is in getting there, and it is definitely true that half the fun is spending time with your family not only at the destination, but also on the way.  That is perhaps my favorite part of any roadtrip we take in the summers... talking, laughing, stopping along the way for fun.

Those are a few photos I wanted to share.  I'm so grateful we go to go on this trip, we had such a great time :)

I hope you are having a blessed day♥ 


  1. Lovely pictures, Jazzmin. I can almost hear the waves and feel the sand between my toes :) How wonderful for you to be able to spend some time at the beach. That is one thing I greatly miss about being away from Canada. When I lived there the beach was just down the hill from our home - we spent almost every day there in the summertime :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a great long weekend!

    Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you for your comment and sweet words, Stephanie! It really was such a blessing to get to spend some time unwinding by the water... that is so neat that you lived so close to the beach in Canada! I can't imagine how amazing it would be to have it right there in your backyard basically! I had no idea you had lived there; I hear it is so beautiful and I hope to visit one day.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, too♥

      Hugs and blessings to you,

  2. Oh, Jazzmin, you know I love to be around lakes and ponds, but I adore the ocean as well. I grew up in Florida, and I really miss being away from the beach. My favorite time to go to the beach is near dusk. I love to walk the beach and look for shells. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach is sooo soothing to me.

    Glad you had such an enjoyable outing!


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