Monday, June 24, 2013

Peach-Strawberry Cobbler {from Stephanie's Recipe Box}

It doesn't get much more sweet and summery than Peach-Strawberry cobbler!

Since the day I saw her post, I have been telling myself I need to make my dear friend Stephanie's delicious looking cobbler recipe!
She has been such a blessing to my heart over the past several months.  Her blog, The Enchanting Rose, is just as delightful as it sounds and Stephanie has been an encouragement to me in my faith, crafting, life overall, and baking!  I am so thankful she shared this wonderful recipe for everyone to enjoy too.  I know we did, and I'm so glad I tried it.

This was so much fun to get in the kitchen and make!  A true Summer experience, especially refreshing served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
I was so excited to get started on the cobbler.  We used juicy strawberries and Georgia peaches!!
In all honesty, I was a little nervous too because I don't have much experience making cobblers.  My Mama grew up in the country, though, and used to make cobblers all the time with my Grandma, so she helped me. 
It turned out so beautifully... the smells from the oven were so wonderful and the bubbling of the fruit beneath the cobbler crust was mouth-watering as it came out of the oven!

The recipe can be found here on The Enchanting Rose  :)

Thankyou so much Stephanie!!

This cobbler is amazing and was a joy to make- and to eat!  I think I might be addicted after this- there will be many cobblers to come baking in our oven this summer.

If you try this recipe, I hope you enjoy.  I definitely recommend it.

Have a blessed day!!


  1. Ahhhh...what a delight to come on your blog and see this - I was grinning from ear to ear :) I am SO glad you enjoyed it. I wish I would have joined you for a piece - it looks amazing and so delicious!

    Thank you, sweet friend for your kind, comforting words on my blog - you are a treasure! I look forward to catching up with you when I return. I will miss you and your blog.

    Love and hugs!

  2. Hi Jazzmin,

    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog!

    And this cobbler sounds SO good. I make a strawberry one that we all love, but I've never tried those two together.....but I love cobblers....with ice cream! :)

    Have a wonderful evening and a great summer!


  3. Do you have a follow button? :) I'd like to follow your blog!



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