Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer, Sweet Summer

Today, we welcome a new season!  Happy first day of Summer!

I always get so excited with the coming of another season.  It's such a blessing and just something to look forward to.  Isn't God so thoughtful and creative to give us four different seasons to look forward to?
I'll admit, growing up in such extreme heat every Summer has made me always wish that Summer would go by fast.  It was never my favorite season... but as I get older, although the temperatures haven't gotten any cooler of course, I focus on the beauty of summer instead:  that it is the time of year when you get to do the most, have the most fun as a family, and do and see so much more outside.

Thinking of the start of Summer, I feel like it is especially nostalgic.  I love the gift of looking back on summers past and dreaming of the one to come.  Ultimately, I think each season is about what it means to each of us.  So, I thought that I would share what Summer is to me {in photos}...

days at the beach, days at the pool, ice cream & snowcones
evenings watching fireflies light up the night
watermelons and watermelon trucks you see
in small towns
crops growing tall under big, open skies
coolin' off with iced tea and lemonade
porch swings, quiet times on the
front porch
sunflowers through the pastures
the 'bee charmer' scene from "Fried Green
lazy days floating along the river
fresh peaches, peach pie!
picnics and being outside
roadtrips, scenic drives, making memories

That is Summer to me, and a little bit of Summer in the South.
I am looking forward to this whole Summer and all the memories and days I can't wait to spend wrapped up in it. 

I would love to hear what Summer is to you!!

Hope you are having a wonderful first day of Summer!

{all photos courtesy Pinterest}


  1. You pretty much listed everything that I love about Summer!! :) The picture of the boat reminded me of the movie The Magic of Ordinary days. :) If you haven't watched it, you should check it out! It's such a lovely book and movie! :)

  2. I think mine would look EXACTLY like yours! We don't find many fireflies or lightnin' bugs as we call them much around here, but we do when we visit in AL. We are in Arkansas. Loved all your pics! And I remember floating on tubes on the Tennessee River growing up! Oh the memories! Summer was intended for memories!



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