Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer's Comin'

Now that it's June, it seems like the signs of summer are really starting to show.  You know that feeling you start to get when the beginning of a new season is so close!?
I've seen some things recently that let us know every year that summer is coming!

{photo: Southern Living}
Some of them are pleasant and exciting...
Snow cone stands & pools opening up, the fresh peaches, cotton and corn fields growing, everyone in flip-flops, barbeques starting, and a big one:  fireflies (or lightning bugs) starting to show themselves♥

{photo: Pinterest}
Some not...
Heat and humidity and heat, and did I mention humidity?  Such is life in the South ;)
June bugs everywhere at night (from which I usually run screaming, haha), grass getting dry, infestations of mosquitos, and bad weather. 

My prayers are with those being affected by awful weather, like the families in Oklahoma.  I'm asking God to help me to remember to be thankful for my safety when others are going through the tornadoes in other states.  There have been a few in our state, too, but not around our area.
I am very grateful we haven't had any really dangerous weather yet, but towards the middle of summer we usually will get some scary stuff.  So far, we have only had bad thunderstorms.  Just a few nights ago, I woke up to a clap of thunder and flashes of lightning lighting up my room and although I fell back asleep, they lasted through morning.  I find some summer thunderstorms refreshing though- it's just that the winds can be scary sometimes.

Focusing on all the good signs of summer, I am so excited it is practically summer and will  be in just a little over two weeks!
I think I will write a post about all the lovely things about summer to welcome the new season when it officially turns summer. For now, though, I'll just get excited about it inside :)

.              .              .

I think out of everything this summer, aside from the things I hope to talk about in that post in a couple of weeks, I am most looking forward to taking family vacations, especially one in particular!
Are you looking forward to something specific this summer??

I am just loving the freedom and simple joys of each day.  The past couple of days I have been working on a puzzle.  I just finished and am about to start another one.  It's funny though, as excited as I am about summer, I seem to be doing all winter themed puzzles so far.
I really love puzzles.  They are so relaxing and I love piecing them together.  Plus, they bring back great memories for me.  The person who got me into doing puzzles was my Grandma... I used to do them with her when we visited her during holidays or in summer at her house and ever since then I have enjoyed them.  But when I do puzzles, I love thinking about her and how I used to help her when I was little.

Just a few words and thoughts about what I have been up to, and of course summer :)

I hope you are having a lovely and blessed week!!



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing family in FL this July and having one of my cousins come back up to TN with us for a week or so! Good times with family I don't see often. :) And yes, the South is SO humid right now. :P I don't even want to know how many mosquito bites I have right now..

  2. Yes it is soooo hot. I hate hot weather..lol:) It is starting to get that Summer feel to the air though!! Thankfully so far we have not had any bad weather either!!

  3. Yes, I must have my ceiling fans!

    And of course, summer means sweet tea!

    Have a wonderful time this summer, Jazzmin.

  4. Woo hoo, summer really is just around the corner :) We have been having warm weather here - it's been in the 80's with lots of wind. Hopefully soon the wind will die down since it dries out the flowers and grass.

    One of my favorite things about the warmer weather is being able to hang the laundry out on the line. I had the bed sheets out today and when I made the beds later oh my, they smelled heavenly! :)

    Have a lovely evening, dear Jazzmin.

    Love and hugs to you


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