Thursday, June 6, 2013

The "Million Dollar Mermaid"

Today, I read that Esther Williams passed away.

I know I'm not close to being from her era, but I am thankful to grow up around old classic films of the 1940's and 50's when she acted.  Esther Williams was an actress in that time, but she was also quite known for her talents in swimming and diving, which she excelled at sometime before she even became an actress.
In all honesty, I have only seen a couple of her films... the first for me was the most memorable.
It was called "Million Dollar Mermaid".  She played the biographical role of Annette Kellerman, a young woman who became a professional swimmer in the late 1800's into early 1900's after overcoming a physical disability of her legs as a child, and who accomplished great feats such as swimming the entire English channel at age 18. 

The day I watched that movie when I was a little girl, my Mama told me all about Esther Williams and how she was known for her swimming...I remember thinking how beautifully she swam, just like a mermaid (and wished I could be like her one day), and also how classically beautiful she was with her shining hair, bright eyes, and big smile.
If you haven't seen it, I would recommend it even if only for the fact that it's a beautiful movie with all the amazing and synchronized swimming.  I got to watch it again recently when I was home sick from school for a day and it came on TCM; it was neat to have it sort of come back to me and also see it from a different perspective.

What's kind of strange about her dying today is that just two days I ago I had a random curiosity about how old she was now and looked her up. I had no idea she was still living, but it was neat to see that she was.  So it was kind of a shock this morning when I saw she has passed away now.  She was 91.


Every little girl, it seems, has someone either in a film or anywhere really who they see and dream to be like when they grow up.  I guess she was mine. I love swimming, I always have, and I think in my mind I still dream of swimming as gracefully and lovely as she did.  I am sad to know she has died... I didn't know a lot about her personal life, but from what I saw, she seemed to me the epitome of class and vintage beauty, as well as talent and kindness. 

Rest in peace Esther Williams. 
Thank you for the inspiration.
.          .          .

Thank you for reading.
Wishing you a blessed day!

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  1. I've heard of her, but haven't watched any of her movies and etc. I youtube'd some of her videos and she seemed like a good lady, classy!! Patty Andrews recently passed away and I think she was one of the women I really loved and looked up to, even though I wasn't alive anywhere near during her era. :)) I know more vintage singers/actors than I do recent ones. Hahaha!

  2. The was so beautiful! What a lovely smile she had - when you see her picture you can't help but smile yourself :) Thank you for sharing a little bit about her. I don't think I ever saw 'The Million Dollar Mermaid,' but it sounds like a delightful film.

    I hope your weekend has been wonderful - enjoy your Sunday!



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