Friday, July 5, 2013

Faithful Friday!

Something that has been on my mind for sometime is how easy it is to trust God with your circumstances in some times and how easy it is to feel like you have to handle them yourself at others.  I'm not sure what makes the difference, but I do know that there is nothing more comforting or wonderful than to just release all our problems in prayer...
release them to heaven for God to take care of and somehow they will work out in ways far better than they ever would if we kept them to ourselves without Him to relieve us.

One of the Lord's greatest gifts to us, I believe, is whole-heartedly inviting us to hand over our burdened, weary hearts to Him.

I heard a parallel once that has stuck with me... it compared life to being very similar to a baton race.  It's long and hard and if we try to do the whole thing by ourselves we will eventually give out.  However, we have the joy of knowing that we don't have to... we can hand over the baton and rest and gain strength through this.

I am excited also to have started linking to "Faithful Fridays" with Joy!  You can read her inspiring Faithful Fridays posts and more on her beautiful blog, Doodlebug.

Wishing you a blessed weekend!!


  1. I like the idea of handing the baton over to Him! Thanks for sharing that. I can imagine handing my burden to HIm and then slowing down, following behind and enjoying the race because I know I'm on the winning team.

  2. Prayer...what a blessed thing God did for us in His mercy when He invited us to His Throne to lay our burdens there! I have been experiencing some wonderful peace and comfort recently as I've been able to release some burdens to Him in prayer. Thank you for such a well written post, Jazzmin.

  3. Hi, Jazzmin! :)

    Awesome post! That's a good analogy. Sometimes we preach to others about how we can hand our burdens over to God, and then when hard times hit us, we don't do the same ourselves.

    Thank you so much for linking up with Faithful Fridays on my blog! :)

    God bless you,
    Joy :)

  4. I love these thoughts- especially about handing over the reins to God. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jazzmin,

    I guess we all have a tendency to want to control our own lives, but oh how much more comforting and rewarding it is when we pray and turn it over to God. It's such a hard lesson to learn. Wonderful post!



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