Friday, July 19, 2013

Faithful Friday!

Before we left for our vacation last week, there was a cozy, rainy day where I stayed in and read and also watched some movies.  They were on the Hallmark channel, which I really love... they produce many films in the pioneer era and these that I caught were the prequel's to Janette Oke's "Love Comes Softly" series.  The first one was called Love Begins and the second part was Love's Everlasting Courage.
In Love's Everlasting Courage, the main character, Clark, goes through many hard and trying times.  He goes through a deep loss and pain and also has troubles with his crops, causing him to feel in a way that God has left him because he has allowed all this suffering.

At one point, Clark's father talks to him and shares with him some loving and wise words.
When I heard these words, I felt a sort of freedom in knowledge.  They were something I knew in my heart, but hearing them in the way they were said was so completely perfect in reminding me of this truth...

"There are wonders all around, things to be thankful for.
God blesses us with so many special gifts...
The truth of God's love is not that He allows bad things to happen.  It's His promise that He will be standing there right beside you when they do. 
No matter how hard things get, we will be there right beside you.  And so will God."
~Love's Everlasting Courage

So, today I don't have a photo thought or a photo with words like I usually post on Fridays.  But I did want to share those words, words that got to my heart, words I know God wanted me to hear even if through a movie.  I enjoyed watching it, but all the more so I was thankful for what I took away from it.

So many people find it hard to trust God because of suffering they see or endure themselves.  But our faith becomes stronger when we see it from the other side, the true side.
We have to keep faithful and know in our hearts that walking with the Lord does not mean that he will never let us experience hardships and times of trial in our lives, sometimes to the point of feeling helpless and hopeless.  It means that when we are faced with those things, he will be right there carrying us through, never leaving our side.  All we have to do is feel him there.

When we come to realize and know this, it is life changing!

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I am linking to Faithful Fridays on my friend Joy's blog, Doodlebug!  Click the link to visit her beautiful blog and read her faith-inspiring posts :)
Thank you for reading.
I hope you have a blessed day!!


  1. Jazzmin,

    I have goose bumps right now because I love this! It reminds me of that song on Klove...Hurricane. "Call his name....He'll find you in the hurricane."
    As Christians, we aren't exempt from going through bad times or experiences, but the difference is that we have Him walking with us through those times...through those storms. I love this and I love those movies!

    Thanks for participating in Faithful Fridays. You are a wise young lady. :)


  2. Hi Jazzmin, I love Janette Oke's books and have read many of them. I also love the Hallmark movies (and the tv series Christy.)
    This is a beautiful post. As I have grown older (I'm 55)the verses I learned as a child and the hymns we sang in church have become even more meaningful. God has been with me through the good and the difficult times. I love the hymn, God Will Take Care Of You.
    Wishing you a nice weekend.

  3. Beautiful words, my dear, sweet Jazzmin. I truly appreciate what you wrote and your last paragraph what a tremendous blessing. May the Lord continue to use you in a mighty way because He has used you many times in my life.

    So glad you are back from your time away. I missed you :) Have a delightful weekend, my friend.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Isn't amazing that the Creator of the Universe, the one and only awesome incredible God, is willing to stand with us during our trials? It blows my mind!

    Thanks for sharing this, Jazzmin. Very uplifting!

  5. So true! Thank you for sharing, Jazzmin! :) The Lord uses hard times in our lives to grow us, and to reach others. Reminds me of that verse in the story of Joseph--"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good."

    Thank you for participating in Faithful Fridays! :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)


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