Sunday, July 7, 2013

Friendship & the Best Blessing of My Week

Although all days are a gift, some days are definitely more wonderful than others... days you have a little more than usual to feel thankful for.  Yesterday was one of those days.

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings in life.  It is so fulfilling to have others to talk to, and amazing to have time to share you heart with someone who has goals and loves similar to yours.  Even better than that is to spend quality time with someone who you can reminisce with over childhood... over playing outside, running in the sprinklers, and spending summers together.

Yesterday I got a chance to see two of my closest friends who I have known since our potty-training days, haha.  They are actually sisters.  When we used to be in the same church congregation, we never went a week without seeing eachother.  I've missed them so much!  But more than anything, I think I am most thankful that in all the time we've been apart nothing has changed.

It's funny, too, how sometimes you don't realize just how much you miss loved ones and friends until you see them after going a long time without being together.  For us it had been way, way too long- a year!

That is something I am thankful for; seeing these girls was the best part of my whole week.
It was a huge blessing.

And we just got another... a rain shower just came in and brought the coolest breeze along with it!  I'm so happy and looking forward to spending this evening inside reading and journaling.  And having some amazing, barbequed chicken later tonight- thank goodness it was done before the rain came!

What blessings did you have this week??

Have a wonderful Sunday♥

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  1. This was such a sweet post, Jazzmin, and it reminded me of my dear friend from college. She is the one I visited while away and before that we hadn't seen each other for 4 years. I think you're absolutely right...true friends can be apart for a lengthy time and when they reunite everything is the same - that's how it was with my precious friend :) Thank you for sharing your blessings with us - so glad you got rain!

    We, too, have been blessed with rain the last 3 nights. I am praising our Lord for the moisture since it is incredibly dry here.

    Have a lovely week, my friend :)

    Love and hugs to you!


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