Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elegant Blogger Award {and Nominees}

My friend Kalin from her lovely modest fashion blog, Modesty Is My Policy, recently nominated me for the Elegant Blogger Award!!  She is a very elegant blogger herself, and if you are interested in reading about fashion, faith, country life and lifestyle, I'm sure you will enjoy hers.
Thank you so much, Kalin!

I've always loved that word... elegant.  It just has such a nice sound to it and the things I think of when I hear it are nice, too... mostly of elegant or eloquent speech, dress, or beauty.  I am so honored to have the privilege of my blog being thought of as elegant. 

As with many blog awards, there are a few questions to answer!  Here they are :)

1.  What made you want to start blogging?
The things that most compelled me to start a blog were a love for writing, Southern life I love so much, and sharing my joys and delights in faith and the simple beauties of life.  I never thought then that I could enjoy it as much as I do!

2.  What is your fashion style?
I feel like my style changes depending on what I wake up feeling like I want to wear, but overall, it can be summed up as a mix of vintage, ladylike, and Southern or southwestern at times.  But more than anything, I have come to love the vintage styles of the old era's, especially the forties.

3.  What is something that your followers don't know about you?
Well, with the exception of anyone who knows me in real life, something you probably don't know is that I'm very tall.  I may have mentioned that before.  But I always think it's interesting to see someone in photos and then you see them in real life and you think to yourself that they are much taller or shorter than you imagined.

4.  What are your blogging goals?
My only goal for blogging is that others would find something- anything- in my blog that they enjoy, are even slightly inspired by, or are made to smile by.  As far as a personal blogging goal,  I am always hoping to improve my photographs that I share.  A goal I have already reached has been becoming friends with other girls and ladies that have been a blessing to me!

5.  What is your favorite place to shop?
Well, as I think I have said before,  I could be in a Hobby Lobby all day long and not get bored.  I love walking around and thinking of amazing creations and projects I could start. Endless possibilities!
For clothes shopping (and everything else), ideally,  I would love to shop at vintage stores or places that carry vintage style clothes.

6.  What would your ideal amount of blog followers be?
As many as I am meant to have... to me, the amount of followers a blog has doesn't matter as much as the number of readers or people that come across it does.  But I welcome many, because readers and followers mean new friends :)

7.  What are your talents?
I have won a couple of writing contests, which encouraged me to keep writing, so I feel like I am a decent writer.  I feel like I can bake well also.  And I enjoy both.  And art is something I have always enjoyed and had a lot of practice at.  I'm not bad at baseball either :)  I think that anything you try hard at or just have a love for can be something you are talented at.

8.  Are you a leader of a follower?
A little bit of both... but I am a leader when it comes to doing things I love.

9.  What is one of your favorite quotes?
Albert Einstein said: "There are only two ways to live:  One as though nothing is a miracle.  The other as though everything is a miracle".  And I have found that doing your best to live by the second one makes a world of difference.

10.  Do you have a favorite book or book series?
I have fallen in love with Nancy Drew books and the Little House on the Prairie series the most- which I am yet to finish!  There are so many books I love, but those are the ones that I come back to, that I feel so at home when I read.

11.  Out of all the synonyms for elegant, which would you describe yourself with (smart, stylish, dressy, graceful, dainty, fine)?
I believe that I'm smart.  And of all those things, I think I would most hope to be smart and graceful.

12.  What is your favorite flower?
Oh my goodness, they are all so beautiful!!  God was having an extraordinarily amazing day when he made flowers :)  I love roses, daisies, wildflowers, all flowers... I really love peonies and tulips, though♥

My Nominations for this award are...

1.  Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose
2.  Joy at Doodlebug
3.  Grace at His Daughter
4.  Tammy at Country Girl at Home
5.  Tammy at Simply Gratified
6.  Tessa at Eyebrow
7.  Jerralea at Jerralea's Journey
8.  Jennifer at Where the Green Grass Grows
9.  Dianna at Joyful in His Presence
10.  Boyer Sisters at Boyer Family Singers
11.  Mildred at Blackberry Lane

Some of these blogs are very new to me and some are blogs I have been blessed to have found awhile back, but all of them I enjoy reading so much!!
And I'm sure some of you I nominated may have already received this award in the past, but I just listed my favorite blogs of elegant, lovely bloggers I know.

Thank you for reading.
And thank you again Kalin for this award.

I hope y'all have a blessed and beautiful day!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers so much! Isn't Hobby Lobby amazing?? Haha! Reading that made me think, "I should've said that!" lol! I love the Einstein quote as well, I'm a big believer in miracles, which is actually the topic for my next post I'm already planning, and after a big event, I've realized that everything is a miracle, even the simple things like waking up in the morning, having health, even if it's good or bad, and even the screaming kids in the background! ;)
    I'm going to check out your nominated bloggers as well. :)

  2. Congrats to you and I enjoyed reading more about you. Thank you very much for nominating me. It's been a blessing to meet you thru blogging. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Awww... thank you, Jazzmin! I truly appreciate the nomination :) It was such a blessing to read more about you. I would love to go shopping in Hobby Lobby with you because I am the same way - I could easily spend all day in that store. On year for my birthday my husband asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby...he didn't understand! haha :)

    So how tall are you? I am 5'8 which is fairly tall for a lady, but I am going to guess you're taller than that :)

    I can tell by your posts that you're a wonderful writer so I am not surprised that you won some writing contests. Your posts are always lovely to read.

    Thanks again for sharing with us. May you have a blessed weekend!

    Hugs to you :)

  4. You can not imagine my surprise when I came by to be inspired by your writing and found my name on the list of nominees. That was so sweet of you to nominate me. Thanks so much!

    I enjoyed getting to know more about you since we are relatively new "friends" in the world of blog. I enjoyed the quote of Einstein's. The things that we do well are normally the things we really enjoy doing. I truly believe God designed it as such in order that we would use the talents He's given us. :-)

    I'm so grateful for meeting you!


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