Friday, August 2, 2013

Faithful Friday!

Today, I wanted to share something that has impacted my thinking since I read it.  I read it just last night actually, and at that moment I felt that I should share it.  It comes from the book I am reading right now, Before You Meet Prince Charming, by Sarah Mally.
"[The Lord] asks for everything.  Every part of our heart.  Every area of our life.  Since He wants to have first place, the Lord will ask us to surrender anything that hinders our relationship with Him.  It is not just the big areas He requests, but also the very smallest.  A life of surrender is the sweetest one possible, while a life of stubbornness and unwillingness to yield is the most miserable.  Yet, so many of times we are slow to submit and to enter into the freedom and rest God wants to give".
Over and over again in our walk with God, we read or hear something that we know but that we are reminded of that impacts us so much!  This was one of those times for me.  I read on and let the words sink into my heart...
"Oftentimes we are quick to say we'll surrender in the "big" things: 'Lord, I'll go anywhere for You- even to the jungles of Africa'.  But when it comes to the little, daily things, such as surrendering our friendships, forgiving a neighbor, or yielding what we want to do in order to serve others, we're not ready to submit"... "If the Lord asks us to sacrifice our best years to Him, if He asks us to wait when it seems that every other girl at church has a boyfriend, if He asks us to never be married... are we willing?  Any sacrifice we make for the Lord is not a loss, but a gain".
Sarah, the author, brings out that last point because of the theme of the chapter this passage comes from, which is about surrendering our dreams and desires as girls.  A main area of those dreams for many of us is getting married and having a family in our future.  But it goes SO much further than that... it was a blessing to read this, because it was a reminder of how important it is throughout our lives to surrender our hearts, our hopes, and trust God to take care of our lives and our future. 
This can be so hard, especially when we have dreams that are so strong.  I know it is something I find hard at times and when it comes to certain aspects of my life and I know I need to work on it.  But when we remember that letting God write the story of our lives and leaving it up to Him to let the good things we desire to come into our lives, we will always find that we are blessed more than we ever would have been if we had tried to take over everything ourselves. 
When you have a problem or even a hope or want in your heart that you feel distressed about, resolve to surrender it.
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I link to Faithful Fridays with Joy on her lovely blog, Doodlebug.  You can visit her faith-inspiring blog and read her Faithful Fridays post for this week, here!
Thank you for reading.
I hope you have had a blessed Friday!!
God Bless you :)


  1. Awesome post! Mama and I met Before You Meet Prince Charming and we really liked it. :)

    You're right--it's important to let God permeate every single part of our lives and hold back nothing from Him.

    Thank you for participating in Faithful Fridays, Jazzmin! :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)

    1. Thank you for your comment, Joy! That's great you read and like BYMPC! So far, it seems like an amazing and powerful book. I was really excited to start reading it and look forward to reading it every day.

      I really like the way you put it, God permeating everything in our lives. Holding nothing from Him is such an interesting thing because we can feel like He is already in control, but then we realize He actually wants us to give Him our lives and let Him be in control.

      I am really enjoying doing Faithful Fridays and reading your posts each week :)

      Have a blessed day!

  2. Very profound post!! This one hit me pretty hard. Right between the eyes, too. :)) I think it's the smaller things that I struggle with. I have such a desire to get married and have children and I literally can't imagine myself *not* marrying..I don't think it's bad to have dreams like that, but they should never over-take your life, it should never come before the Lord.

    1. Hi Kalin,
      Thank you for your comment. I really relate to what you said... I know what you mean, I have those desires in my heart, too. It can be a hard thing because God put these wonderful dreams in us, but you hit it right on the head, that they shouldn't come before God in our lives. That is a hard thing to find balance in, but with His help we can!

      I enjoyed reading your comment, thank you for sharing :)

      Hope you have a blessed day!!

  3. Jazzmin, I thoroughly enjoyed this well written and with much heartfelt conviction. I think it spoke to me specifically because of the fact that at the beginning of 2013 the one word the Lord gave me for the year was the word SURRENDER. We are a little over half through the year now and the one thing that I've found repeatedly is that it wasn't the BIG things He was asking me to surrender, but it has been the little, every day foxes that can so easily spoil the vine of peace and contentment in the home. Thank you so much for sharing here!

    I also wanted to mention that I don't know if you have ever checked back, but I do leave a reply with every comment that is left at the blog. :-)

  4. Splendid post, my dear friend! I needed to read this tonight. When you talked about it being easier to surrender the "big" things to God like going to Africa and it being harder to surrender the "little" things I was thinking, "Amen Sister!" That is, unfortunately, so true! I truly appreciate your posts and your many words of wisdom. I am thankful for you, sweet Jazzmin!

    Have a blessed Sunday. Love and hugs!

    1. Stephanie,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It is a blessing to read your words and that we can relate to this in those little things that are so hard to surrender. It is sort of a funny thing, too, because our minds seem to tell us that it will be so much harder to surrender the big areas of our lives to the Lord, when we find out that it's the opposite.

      God Bless you, Stephanie, and I hope you have a blessed Sunday!!

  5. I read your post earlier today and have since searched for a blog I read several weeks back to share with you. It is about God caring about even your smallest desires. Pamela is a wonderful Christian write and I hope you have a chance to read this short blog post by her:

    God bless you!

  6. I just nominated you for an Elegant Blog Award on my blog! Go check it out! :)

  7. Jazzmin,

    Joy and I read Before You Meet Prince Charming together and I just loved the sweet gentle way everything was presented. We also were blessed to meet Sarah at a homeschool convention and she certainly lives what she writes.

    You are so right. Sometimes it's the small things that are the hardest to surrender and leave to God. I guess maybe it's because we feel we can handle those sometimes and are always seeking for a little control? I don't know...but you are so right about that. This is a lovely post. I am so encouraged by all you young ladies that are trusting God to write your life's story and your love story even. Bless you all!



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