Friday, August 9, 2013

Faithful Friday!

Isn't this powerful to think about??

In walking with God and working to make him a bigger and bigger part of your life as you grow, there are so many miraculous things about Him and His love for us that are so beautiful to think on.  I believe this is definitely one of them.
Something that I have thought about before is the kindness and love the Lord shows us through his amazing gift of prayer- a direct line to heaven!  But what I hadn't thought about as much was how absolutely amazing it is that our prayers are delivered and received not only lovingly, but quickly.

This made me think about how even as a children, when most of us were afraid of thunder and storms at night we had to get up out of bed and go to our parents to feel safe.  We couldn't just automatically, that very moment of fear, tell them how we felt and feel comforted.  It is the same with everyday life... we have thoughts or problems we feel we need to talk about with our family or a friend, but still we have call them.  And sometimes they aren't even available to answer.  And this point is especially true of older times, when the only way to get in touch with a loved one far away was writing a letter and waiting sometimes weeks for a reply!
But with God, he is available the very moment we need Him... whether it is thank Him for a blessing, tell Him a fear we are dealing with, or ask for help with a struggle.  Even though he knows our hearts and everything we want to tell Him already, isn't is a beautiful blessing to know that the exact second we need to talk to Him, He is there.

His love and grace is upon us in this way.
Who knows how many millions of miles away heaven is from here?  ...but our prayers reach God faster than light or sound.  That's amazing to ponder.

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Happy Faithful Friday!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend♥


  1. This was absolutely beautiful, my friend! What an amazing and powerful thought - it reaches God before we even say it. Wow, what a blessing and joy to have such a wonderful Father in heaven. I am so glad you shared this :)

    Have a lovely Lord's Day, Jazzmin. Much love and big hugs!

  2. An awesome post. I am reminded of lyrics from an old hymn "What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer."

  3. Such a precious post, Jazzmin! When we think on prayer...its purpose, and how wonderful it feels to roll our burdens on to makes me wonder why I sometimes fail to go to Him FIRST.


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