Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reasons to Smile

It has been a blessed day here, and I hope it has been where you are too!!
Since school began, I haven't had as much time as usual to write or share things, but today I thought I would delight in the things that have been pleasant about my day, or things I've seen that put a smile
 on my face, and share them.  After all, even if it is only in something seemingly small,
there is always a reason to smile...
The evening skies with the glorious sun emerging from
behind low grey clouds.
Going grocery shopping as a family.
Seeing a baby with a cowboy hat on at the
 store.  So sweet.
Getting home safely today (that's a blessing every day)!
Sweet emails from dear friends-
such a blessing!
Delicious scents coming from the oven
before dinner.
Reflecting on an amazing book I just finished.
Being directed to amazing scripture that makes me
so grateful!
The silly things that make me laugh, like putting my sunglasses on
my dog and having her just stare at me with them on. 
Passing by farms and land on a country road and seeing
all the animals.
Relaxing all evening at home... thankful for
my family close-by.
Still finding glitter from a craft project we did together
almost a week ago, a reminder of the fun we had.
The feeling of excitement that the
weekend is here... time to sew and do crafts!
Thinking happily of the rain we had last night and having
the hope it will come again.
It is hard to beat the coziness of falling asleep to the sound of
rain on the roof.
What things made your day lovely?
I had to come back to finish this post, so it is almost midnight now!
I don't often get to write so late at night, but this is reminding me that it is probably
my favorite time of all to write.
I hope you had a wonderful evening!


  1. Jazzmin, I enjoyed your reasons to smile so much. I always enjoy finding glitter later after working on a project. Sometimes that is with others, but sometimes it is just me. It also brings a smile to my face because it helps me recall how relaxed I'd been when I was working on the project.

    Something that made me smile yesterday was finishing up a project for some friends as I anticipated what their reaction will be.

  2. Yesterday morning, I was outdoor at 7:30 which is rare for me and I felt that sense of thankfulness in seeing the eastern sunlight rising over the trees and the light nip in the air. I was reminded that fall is about 2-weeks away. I was also grateful to be living in modern times as I strolled across the parking lot fast approaching the medical facility were I was to have my small bowel series done. I'm very thankful to have the technology to help diagnose and to be better treat many illnesses. In my walk, I felt doubly thankful because a few months ago I was in such pain that walking no matter how short the distance was it felt like miles, and miles, and miles, but not now. I can walk freely without pain! I have many, many thanksgivings and I enjoyed reading your list this morning. BTW, be sure to come by my blog to enter my Diamond Candles giveaway that went live yesterday. Just click on the link: here!

  3. I am smiling right now, friend :) Thank you for the lovely reminder that yes, there are always reasons to smile! My reasons:

    Hearing my husband say "I love you!"
    Getting a "slobbery" kiss from my son.
    Enjoying a cup of hot coffee in the morning.
    Spending time in God's Word.
    Having friends like you :)
    Watching the first snow fall.

    There are so many reasons to smile....I could be here all night if I don't stop writing.

    Blessings to you! Hugs!


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