Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It is my hope that God would give me a thankful heart to begin each day, that notices every blessing he allows into my life.  Although I think on this often, some days I notice I seem to have a more thankful spirit than others- or, rather, I am more aware of blessings and nice things throughout the day more some days than others.  Maybe it is due to being busier sometimes... but when I look at things that are just a part of the day that bring a little joy, I think of them as sweet.

Sweet... a word I love.  The word "sweet" is, well, sweet.  And I think anything that makes you smile inside is considered sweet to me.  I love finding the sweet things in life... sweet friends, sweet verses and words, sweet blessings of every kind.

Today I just felt like sharing what things have been sweet for me today, and in life in general...

It was sweet to wake up to a rainy, chilly day today (I love it, it feels like true Autumn!).
It was sweet to come home to a clean and cozy house this evening.
It was sweet to walk beneath the glorious, sky-high trees today and feel the raindrops on
my head as they fell from the leaves and branches above.
It was sweet to look at the pond in front of those trees and see how the little
ducks and geese were enjoying how full it is now because of the rain.
It is always sweet to get on the elevator and have a happy conversation with
someone about something random, and then hearing them tell you "Have a good day!" as
they step out and tell you goodbye.  I love friendliness.
It was sweet to smell the wonderful scents of supper cooking earlier this evening...
chili is so warm and filling and the perfect supper for a cold Fall day.
Sweet is what I thought of the weather around six today when I walked outside
and realized it had gotten colder!
It was sweet to have sweet, juicy strawberries at lunch.
It is sweet to read all of your blogs each week and find out how you have
been or what you have been up to, or to read something encouraging or inspiring about
 your faith  and walk with God, or something you share about your family or joys. 
Sweet is also reading the lovely and kind comments you leave.
It is sweet to have time to journal every day while I eat lunch; I cherish
that time to relax and enjoy writing.
It is sweet when you see evidence that chivalry is still alive.
Sweet is walking into the house after a Fall candle, like Cinnamon or
Pumpkin Pie, has been burning, and having the delicious smells overwhelm me.
sweet sound is the song of birds when I hear them outside my bedroom window. 
It is sweet to be walking in the rain without an umbrella and trying to
cover my head with a jacket or whatever I have, then realizing that it isn't
any use, so I just embrace the fun, child-like feel of being soaked.
And one of the sweetest things I have seen recently...
walking down a hallway and passing by two college guys who stopped and prayed
together.  You know you have a treasure in a friend you can
pray with and for.  Hearing them gave me a feeling that is hard to describe.
I am so thankful for every sweet thing.
And I know I am leaving so many things out, but I love looking back
at all the things I can think of each day that were wonderful or stood out to me.
(And I chose to add the photo at the top because it reminds me of the joy I
feel on rainy days-like today- but I guess it is also fitting, as it could
without a doubt be described as sweet.)
What do you find sweet?
I hope y'all had a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Jazzmin, thank you for taking the time to share the "sweet" things in your life. I so enjoyed reading each one and seeing what blesses your heart and makes you smile. I, too, love those rainy days because it generally means I can stay inside and bake something...burn candles...spend some extra time reading or crocheting. I pray that you have a wonderful day today and that you will once again take note of the things that make you smile! Happy Thursday, Friend!

  2. Love this post. So often we get caught up in the bad things in life that we don't realize how many of these sweet little things we have happen. It's rainy here, as well. I typically get down in the dumps when it does, but right now, I'm enjoying it. :)

  3. SWEET is a special word for sure --except when I eat too much SWEET, fattening food that is not good for me... ha ha

    I do think it's very SWEET to have a blog friend who is SWEET just like you.

    God Bless..... Have a SWEET day!

  4. What a sweet post, Jazzmin! I think you are a very sweet and special young lady. I love all the sweet things you mentioned but I think the very sweetest was your glimpse of the two friends praying together! Oh if we could only see more scenes like that!

  5. What a beautiful thankful post. I like many of the sweet things you share here. I have a new pumpkin spice candle and it just makes me happy! Also, the little neighbor girl who got the puppy for her birthday always takes my hand in hers to walk when she visits....that just touches my heart! So very nice to have met you through blogging. Have a grand fall evening.

  6. What do I find sweet? Well, I find you, Jazzmin, sweet! You are an absolute sweetheart :) And your post was a delight to read. I love the way you looked at things and everything you listed is definitely sweet.

    I find it sweet to be wrapped in the arms of my husband, and it's pure sweetness when my son kisses me on the cheek and says, "You're my favorite Mommy."

    It's so sweet to have Sister's in Christ like you :) Have a sweet weekend, friend!

    Love and hugs!

  7. I really like your post - sweet! It is refreshing and so are you - it does my heart good to see someone your age already so spiritually mature, so I definitely find that sweet! We had a cool rainy day today too and it was wonderful. Inside has just been so cozy all day. Last night my 15 year old shared a little Gospel of John booklet with our waitress, and talked to her about making sure she knows Jesus as her Savior. I found that very sweet and seeing the waitress receiving it well just overjoyed my heart. Blessings to you Jazzmin, and I hope that you have a sweet rest of the week!

  8. Dear Sweet Jazzmin...
    Thank you for stopping by my blog with your sweet comments and prayers for my family. Your post today was exactly what the Lord knew I needed to hear...our lives are filled with His "sweet"ness... and we simply have to open our eyes, as you have my dear, and marvel at His handiwork. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, dear one...your "sweet" spirit shines through!

    With love,


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