Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Joy of Baking... Apple Pie in Fall


Has it really been almost two weeks since I last wrote?  Sometimes I cannot believe how busy
everything has been until I look back and notice how quickly each day passed by.  I have not had a chance to write anything for awhile,  so I am so glad to have gotten to catch up on your blogs today and to share a little something on my own as well :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful Fall season so far!
As I've talked about before when on the subject of the loveliness of Fall,
one of my favorite things to do when the "cozy seasons" arrive is to get in the kitchen
and have fun baking.  It feels so cozy to have something in the oven often throughout the season.
Oh, the joy of baking!  You have probably heard of the Joy of Painting, haha, but
I think one of the sweetest parts of the season as the Joy of Baking.
This weekend, I made what I think is one of the most wonderful Fall desserts...
apple pie!
It was my first pie this time of year, and I thought I would share
it because the last time I shared a pie was, I believe, about a year ago.
Does time fly! 

The recipe for this Apple Pie is one I am sharing again and can be found if you click here, or on the Recipes page if you click the 'recipes' tab above.

I think one of the things that is exciting about baking is the dishes and bakeware you use.
If you love to bake too, you understand that feeling.  I love to get new stoneware
especially.  Last week, we picked up a beautiful blue stone pie baker.
It is so pretty and made me even more excited about this pie I had been planning to make.
Even better, we got a free matching mug that goes with it :)

It was so fun and relaxing to get in the kitchen and make a pie again since it has been
so long since I've made one. 
I love rolling out the dough for the crust and working with my hands to
stretch it out.

After that, I cut up the apples and put them into a bowl to mix in all of the
delicious cinnamon and sugar to make them even sweeter.  Then, in the pie they went.

After I had rolled out and put on the top crust, I had a little bit of dough left which I had
saved for a special decoration for the top of the pie!  This is my favorite thing about baking, aside
from tasting ;) ... decorating. 
For this, I was so excited to use one of the sweet Fall leaf cookie cutters that a dear
friend recently sent to me!  They are a gift from someone who has such a generous
heart- I mentioned to her that I did not have any Fall cookie cutters and she so generously
sent these to me.  I was so surprised, and am so thankful for her as a friend and blessed by her kindness.
Thank you so much to my friend, Dianna!

I decided to use the brown one to cut out some leaves for this pie and
loved the opportunity to make my pie feel extra seasonal.

I lay the leaves going outward from the center in almost a pinwheel kind of
pattern and it was finished!
I put it in the oven after brushing some egg white on top and sprinkling on extra cinnamon,
and about an hour later, juicy, hot, crisp deliciousness
came out of the oven♥

Eating a delicious pie with your family is one of the nicest
ways to spend the weekend.

That was a highlight of my weekend, a very blessed one that I enjoyed!

What did you do this weekend?
What is your favorite thing to bake in Fall??

Have a lovely Wednesday.
Blessings to you!!


  1. Jazzmin, your pie and pie plate are both beautiful. I like the artistic way you displayed your leaves on the top of the pie. ;-) There is just one I am hungry for an apple pie! lol Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  2. Jazzmin,

    What an absoultuely delicious looking pie! I love how you decorated the top with leaves. It looks like a picture from a Martha Stewart magazine. By the way, that is fabulous blue pie plate. : )


  3. Your apple pie looks delicious… I'd put a scoop of ice cream on top!!!!! We love apples in Fall --and we eat one almost every day. Our favorite eating apple is the Honey Crisp… YUM.

    Rainy and windy here today. I feel sorry for the kids out trick-or-treating tonight.

    Happy Halloween.

  4. You did such a great job of describing the baking process of your pie that I almost want to go make one myself! ;)

    I love the blue stoneware pie plate. I love stoneware myself and have several pieces.

    I think you are right, though, fall is definitely time to be thinking of an apple dessert.

  5. I agree with Jerralea, the way you described the baking process makes me want to make one right now :) My dear Jazzmin, your pie looks so incredibly tasty - how I would enjoy sitting with you over a slice and a hot cup of coffee or tea. But since I can't in person, I shall enjoy with you over the miles that separate us and through our blogs :) Thinking of you, dearest friend.

    Hugs and big blessings to you!

  6. oh my goodness this looks so yummy! I have made apple pie before but never thought about cutting out the dough to make shapes on top! so smart! I love your blog and am definitely going to start following!
    you are a doll!
    and wow to be honest, my favorite thing to bake in the fall is pumpkin seeds! I LOVE to experiment with them with different spices, and of course the salty ones, but even cinnamon and sugar ones! yummy, yummy!

    have a wonderful weekend!

    much love,

    p.s. please feel free to check out my blog too if you'd like ;)

    short sleeved pants

  7. Your pie looks so delicious! I have never made a pie all the way from scratch. Usually I buy the crust. I'd love to try one like yours. It is absolutely beautiful!


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