Friday, November 1, 2013

Faithful Friday!

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Happy Friday to you!
I hope you are having a blessed evening!  I cannot believe today was the first day of November.
Today I wanted to share something I saw recently that is simply said, but such a beautiful thought.  The words above mean so much to me in my walk with God.  I truly believe that if we make the effort each day to invite the Lord into our hearts- keep our face turned to Him- and live in a way that He is not just a small part of our life, but where He IS our life, then we will have a life of pure and true joy.
From this, I got this... Flowers turn toward the sun and soak up it's rays.  They soak up the sun and bask in it and in turn, they grow and bloom beautifully!  In the same way, keeping our faces and our minds turned toward God always, means that we will bloom and grow beautifully just the same!   And we will grow in the best way, growing towards God. Just as flowers lean towards the sun. There is nothing better than keeping ourselves turned towards Him- is He not the best source of light there is?  Even better than the sun as we soak up God's rays of love and so much more He graciously shines our way, enriching our life and our walk more than we could ever know.
With today being the first day of November, thankfulness has been on my mind just with the changing of the calendars... and seeing this lovely reminder is something I am thankful for.
God Bless You!
I  hope y'all have a wonderful weekend ♥
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Faithful Fridays are hosted by Joy at her blog, Doodlebug!  Click here to visit and read her wonderful posts and blog or link up to Faithful Fridays yourself.



  1. What a precious comparison of our walk with the Lord the way flowers keep their faces turned toward the sun. Love that! You are such a gifted writer, Jazzmin.

  2. Beautiful post… As flowers lean toward the SUN, we should lean toward the SON… right?????


  3. Jazzmin,

    I always love your Faithful Friday posts they are so sweet and encouraging! This post really was beautiful and inspiring.

    May the LORD bless and keep you!!


  4. You are so right my sweet friend, there is nothing better than keeping ourselves turned towards God. As I read your post I kept thinking to myself, "Why do I allow myself to turn away from God, to literally "wilt" before His eyes?" Oh, may I say turned towards His glorious face and may I keep Him as my one and only focus. Thank you, dearest Jazzmin, for your beautiful, encouraging posts.

    Love and big hugs to you!


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