Saturday, December 7, 2013

That's Home

Some things are truly beautiful in that they just make us feel at home because they are nostalgic or we connect them with sweet times and memories.... I think the idea of something that makes you feel "home" is so wonderful because it can be anything, from a stuffed animal that you've had all your life that reminds you of your childhood, to a person who makes you feel home, to a photograph.  Home is that cherished feeling you get when you are in a room surrounded by your family of many, where there is a warmth of joy in the air.

Recently, we took a trip a few hours away to go to the coast and stay with my Grandmother. 
It was a girls trip, which is always fun!  I savor spending time on these trips we make during Winter and Spring- when my Grandmother stays in the South before going back home- and being back there again was such a cozy feeling.  Everything about being there made me think about how there are certain parts of our lives that are home to us.  It made me think of how beautiful those things are and how much they mean.

We've been making trips to the coast like this for years, starting every winter when my Grandma comes down.  Driving the same roads, watching how things have changed each time we drive through the little towns, stopping at the same stops to eat, and spending time at her house when we arrive.  That's home.
I never get tired of passing the beautiful, old, historic buildings we've driven by all these years on
trips, like this courthouse.  Many were especially beautiful because of the lights decorating them.

There is so much more, though, about seeing her each year that brings on that feeling...

Driving up and seeing her for the first time.
Sitting down and catching up when we get there.
Looking through her old photo albums.
When we all get excited about making a cake together one of the nights we're there.
Hearing crazy and funny stories or her memories about growing up.
Seeing a pot of something wonderful she's made us for supper when we arrive.

Hot, delicious stew she made for us.
When she pulls out a box of crafts she's been working on to show us.
Going fishing in the creeks nearby.
Waking up in the mornings to the sunlight streaming in her cozy little house.
The smell of her pillow and blankets.  My whole childhood, it's never changed. (Don't all Grandmas have a signature smell to their house?)
Seeing her at the table stirring her tea every morning.
Seeing the light of her lamp before she goes to bed while she reads.
Walking up and down the beach, the three of us just walking and talking.

It was freezing and overcast- a gray blue sky- but walking by the water gives me a peace and joy,
a true feeling of loveliness, whether it's a sunny day or not.
Piling into her truck together to go into town.
Hearing the soft whirring sound of her heater, feeling so cozy as I fall asleep.
Having a feeling of sleepiness after a long day and sinking into all the warm blankets she has for us.
The way her breakfast nook looks at breakfast, bright light coming through the window.
The things that have always been on the table: her bible and the honey.

This year, she added this neat salt shaker to her table.
It's a Mason Jar salt shaker!  I still want to know where I can get one.

I may have written about this before, but something else I love about visiting my Grandmother is hearing her stories when she shares something with us about an event she is reminded of.  Most of the time, she's already told my Mama, so she'll tell me.  The treasure of memories passed down from mothers to daughters and grand-daughters.
One of the days we were down seeing her was the 22nd.  We turned on the news that morning, cozily sitting there just a few minutes after waking up, warm by the heater, and everything that came on was about the 50 year anniversary of John F. Kennedy in Dallas.  It was interesting to listen as my Grandma told me her memories of exactly where she was and what she was doing and what she thought when she heard that the president had been shot. 
This also reminded me of looking through her lovely old photo and momento trunk when we visited her two summers ago in Colorado.  I was amazed to find the newspaper she has kept all these years that was printed in her Louisiana town announcing JFK's death the day after it happened.

On this trip, with so much making me feel "home" the way I did, I think that I was most reminded of how sweet it is to come back to the things that are familiar to you.  That is a pure and genuine gift of life.

We have seen my Grandma a few times already since she has been here in the South for the cold months, between us visiting her and her coming up here.  I am happy to have her here with us again this weekend!  And what a cozy weekend it is, speaking of things that make me feel home.  We are having days with the coldest temperatures this year!  It is so wonderful!  Weather in the South sure is funny though.  To think it was 80 degrees on Monday, and now it's 30!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

What makes you feel home?


  1. What a sweet post!
    I feel at home when I am at my grandma's house, too - there is something about her home that I just love. :) Because she lives so far away and I don't get to see her more than a couple times a year, I feel like I can savor and appreciate my time with her even more! You are totally right about every grandma's house having a "signature smell". :)
    Have a blessed rest of your weekend!


  2. Oh my dear Jazzmin, your post was so sweet and heart-warming! I had the feeling of being home when I visited my precious Grandma Betty - it is truly wonderful, isn't it? :)

    I have been thinking of you, friend, and wondered if you got hit by the ice storm. My husband's aunt and uncle who live in Texas had 5 inches of ice - yikes! I hope you are well and staying warm.

    Much love to you!


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