Saturday, January 11, 2014

Faithful Friday!

This verse speaks to my heart because it answers the questions that so many wonder as they look for satisfaction and meaning in life... how to live.
It seems that many people try to set their life to be lived according to some philosophy that works for them or that they believe will give them the best way of living.  Very simply, though, the most straightforward thing we can do that can be our philosophy is to stay on the path that leads to God and do everything we can to never get off.
I thought about this as I read this verse and looked at the photograph at the same time.  I thought about how if a train veers off a track or comes off the track, it will wreck, but if it stays on the train tracks it will go on ahead smoothly.  Likewise, if we stay steering straight and stay on the tracks of faith, we "will not stumble". 
I love reading parables and metaphors that link something in real life to a message or thought about God.  This one makes me smile because it was neat finding this photograph and thinking of this verse in a way that related to it.  If we let our faith steer us, instead of other things in our lives, we can be confident that God will be deeply rooted in our hearts and will keep our steps on the right track.
Happy Friday to you!
I hope y'all have a blessed weekend!
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  1. Beautiful scripture and your thoughts are GREAT.. The photo is perfect. We DO need to stay on track, don't we??? BUT--sometimes we manage to get off of that train and go another direction --which may not be the best place for us!!!!!!

    I'll try to stay on track… God Bless.


  2. What a blessing it is to read here, Jazzmin. The picture you've shared really relates well to the verse and you've expressed it beautifully. Will be thinking of you this week as you start back to school. Hugs!

  3. Good Morning, Miss Jazzmin!
    Praying for a wonderful week for you back at school...and loved reading your post! "Staying the course" is so important...and brings us such peace.
    Sweet blessings,
    Mrs. Laura

  4. Beautiful post Jazzmin! I recently read a devotion that shared the same analogy of our Christian walk being like that of a train on it's tracks. Such a neat and inspiring thought!

    May you have a blessed week!



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