Friday, January 17, 2014

Faithful Friday!

I always appreciate the elderly and the things they say because
I believe they really are so wise and so much can be learned from them.
They have a beauty to their souls that is unique and it is a joy to talk with them because
of all the wonderful treasures they have within them to share.
Every time I read a quote that talks about what matters in life, I am inspired to write
it down to look back on later.  This one in particular made me especially stop and think about how true these words are... it is a beautiful quote and one I take to heart.  Such sweet words.
In relation to faith, I thought along the lines of faith when reading this quote because
it reminded me of how this reflects God's views on our lives.  Sometimes it is hard not to get
pulled into wanting luxurious things for ourselves or doing other things that are not selfless
or maybe just getting wrapped up in our appearance.  It's so easy to care or think too much about them... being wealthy or dressing the best or being of the highest class.
None of this matters to God, so it shouldn't be of importance to us either.  Thinking of this reminds
me that God only focuses on our heart condition and our faith in Him and the goodness that comes from that within our lifetime.  At the end or our lives, those areas of our lives and the beauty of our precious memories will be the only things that will matter at all. 
Why not start now- no matter what stage of life you are in- to have this attitude about life!
And it goes farther than that- reading this also reminds me of how pure
and meaningful it is to relish in the simple things that make up importance in our lives.
We don't have to do big things to truly live, only things that give meaning to our days.
Blessings to you!
Have a great Friday and a blessed weekend!
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Faithful Fridays are hosted by my friend, Joy, on her sweet and inspiring blog, Doodlebug.
Click here to visit and read her posts and even participate in Faithful Fridays yourself!


  1. Happy Weekend! It is colder than usual for Georgia today. Hope you are staying warm where you are. This was a good post and I love the words of wisdom. I hope you have a nice evening and a blessed Sunday.

  2. Dear Sweet Miss Jazzmin,
    Such a lovely heartfelt post. I have found over the years that there is so much wisdom to be learned from those who have gone this way before us. I so enjoy spending time with older folks...they have so much to share! Thank you for reminding us of this...

    Have a blessed weekend!
    With love and hugs,
    Mrs. Laura

  3. Jazzmin, I love this quote you shared. It really makes one think.

    I believe you are right. Our older folks have such wisdom to share if we will only listen.

  4. I agree, the precious elderly are full of wisdom and your post has reminded me of the importance of taking the time to sit down with them and just listen. Your post, as always, was a sweet encouragement.

    Thinking of you, dear friend, and praying all is well. Much love to you!

  5. I love this and totally agree. Its our hearts (the eternal things) that matter; not the material things.

    God Bless!


  6. Jazzmin, I am glad to hear how much you enjoy spending time with the elderly...and that you realize there is much to be gleaned from those who have lived full long lives. I think that really hit home for me in a very special way this past autumn when our granddaughter "interviewed" her great grandmother and her great grandfather for a school project she was working on. Her "interview" only led to more questions by the rest of the family members present. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful blessing.


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