Friday, February 7, 2014

Faithful Friday: An Amazing Verse

Today I have a simple post.  I just wanted to share these verses that have been especially on my heart and that I have been thinking of often since I was reminded of them in a devotional last week.  I am so grateful for each part of these verses... I love how you can soak in each line and the meaning of the beautiful words here:  love, mercy, alive, Christ, grace, saved.  And thinking of the meaning of this altogether makes me thankful and amazed in a speechless, awe-inspired way.

This is an amazing bible passage.

Have you had any specific verses on your mind?

I'm off to finish a sewing project I am so excited about and enjoy being cozy inside during this blast of cold weather.  It's a lovely start to the weekend here :)

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


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Faithful Fridays is hosted by my friend Joy on her amazing blog, Doodlebug.  You can read her inspirational posts here!


  1. Hi Jazzmin. Thank you for sharing this lovely Bible verse. Like you, I often will get a scripture passage or a hymn on my mind. In the next week, I have been asked to have a giveaway for a free set of Pfaltzgraff dishes on my blog...all you need to do to enter is leave a comment. Don't forget to be on the lookout for this blog post. Wishing you a blessed weekend.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Jazzmin!
    This week, Romans 8:38 has been going through my mind. I'm only human and so I make mistakes, and this verse reassures us that nothing can separate up from God's love.
    I also love that beautiful passage you included.

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful verse today...
    I hope you have a cozy winter weekend! : )

  4. I agree, my dear friend, such an amazing verse! By GRACE we have been saved! How a perfect Savior could love a wretched sinner such as myself is truly baffling to me. But oh how thankful I am for that grace and love for without it I would be lost.

    Thank you, sweetest friend, for sharing this! Your posts always have a way of opening my eyes and blessing my heart.

    Have a most delightful week! Love and hugs!

  5. Such a lovely verse, Miss Jazzmin! The gift of His love and mercy and grace...we are so truly blessed, my dear. By the way, what sewing project are you working on?
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Mrs. Laura


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