Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Welcome Break

Whenever I get some time away from the everyday pace, it is such a blessing!
Just to have a little bit of a different routine and get to rest and relax and take a break.
I am so thankful to have gotten to do that this past week because it was 
Spring Break here.

What a wonderful week!  I can honestly say that I am more than content and so 
excited to just watch mysteries and classics or read and craft and bake and just be 
with my family at home on these breaks than be anywhere else.  
It is the best time of resting up and enjoying the simple things that busy life seems to 
crowd out sometimes.
This past week was a reminder to me of how much I am blessed by times like this.
While I was home for the most part, I also got the chance to get out a little bit with my family and see some fun things.  

One day, we took a day-trip down to one of the biggest zoos in our state.
It was an amazing zoo.  I have such a love for and interest in God's beautiful creations
 and I love getting to see them so close.  These are just a few of the photos I took 
that I thought I'd share, some of my favorite animals we got to see.
The flamingos were one of my favorite things to see.  I saw some in Dallas a couple
 of years ago and they are so neat.  
They are kind of funny too, the way they stand on one leg when they
eat sometimes, and they seemed to have different personalities.  They were interesting
 to watch.    Their habitat was beautiful at this zoo, too, with a little sanctuary of 
pools and a waterfall.

This is probably my favorite photo because my inner mermaid comes out
 when I see that gorgeous water with all of the fish, haha!  
This was at the hippo tank.  Although the fish sort of stole the show, haha, the hippos
 are what I was trying to photograph.  They were being shy, though, and wouldn't turn
 around.  We even walked back through an hour after on our way out and they were
still in the same position.

The Kangaroo sanctuary looked very relaxing and was full of Roos just and 
laying out, soakin' up the sun.  This one was closest to me.  To his right, there
was a group of more resting under a tree as well.

For the first part of the break, before the zoo and relaxing at home, we went to the
 coast for a few days.  
It was really windy so we ended up staying inside most of the time.
One of the evenings, though, we went fishing for a couple of hours in the neatest place:
the dock of an old abandoned restaurant on the bay.
It was so neat because we were the only ones there and it was so quiet and nice, just
hearing the water lapping at the dock and many pelicans flying from deck to deck.
They got so close and even tried to eat our fish.

Right beside the restaurant was this neat old, seemingly abandoned fishing boat,
all rusted and old.  It was a lot bigger than it looks here, and I stood there taking
 photos of it because I'm always a little fascinated by things left behind or that just look
 like they have an interesting history.  
I guessed that the boat was abandoned with the restaurant.

One of my favorite and most relaxing days was spent gardening and starting
our Spring plants and vegetables that we're trying this year.
Some of the rows having seeds and some have plants that were started earlier that we transplanted.
My Daddy took care of the lawn out back and then us girls went back and set up
our garden bed, enjoying the freshly cut yard, which added to the satisfaction and beauty of putting in our Spring garden.
Gardening is special to me, because I've watched my Mama and my Grandma
garden all through my childhood.  And there's no prettier and more lovely time to
be out workin' on planting in the South than in the beginnings of Spring 
when the air feels so good!

I'm excited for when our flowers start blooming.  Until then, we get to look out and see
our pretty garden "jewelry" as I like to call it, haha.
The cute frog makes me smile and the bright pink polka dot pin-wheel adds some brightness.
Pinwheels of different colors are in other places throughout the yard and look
so pretty when the breeze blows through them and they spin.

This was such a welcome and wonderful break!

I hope you had a wonderful week and that you are having a blessed
one so far this week!



  1. So glad you enjoyed your break! And I am the exact same way...I love to spend my days here at home with my kids reading, watching movies, baking and drinking tea and coffee!

    Your trip out does indeed sound fun, and your pictures are amazing!

    Have a cozy evening! : )

  2. Jazzmin,

    It looks like you had a fun week! What a treat to see all of those beautiful animals. Your garden looks lovely. I cannot wait to have a chance to do some work outside, but I suspect I have quite a wait. We still have snow and more in on it's way. : )

    May you have a blessed day!


  3. I love the kind of week you enjoyed! It's the best way to rest, I think.

    So, it looks as if you and your mom are into raised bed gardening? I've been trying to talk my hubby into trying it.

  4. How delightful, my friend! The pictures of the zoo are wonderful and had me thinking about how much fun it would be to be there in person with you :) And speaking of the zoo, I think my husband, son, and I will be going to the zoo in a couple of weeks in honor of my son's birthday as well as my own since he was born on the same day as me :)

    Your week sounded wonderful and relaxing which is something we all need once in a while. Thanks for sharing with us, Jazzmin!

    Happy Spring, my friend, and enjoy your weekend! Love and hugs!

  5. Your break sounds perfect--looks like you had a lot of fun! :) I'm looking forward to going to our zoo sometime soon! That old abandoned boat would be just perfect for a story setting. :)

    The simplest things like reading a book, or sitting around and talking with family members, or gardening, or playing with little siblings, can so often be the best things! :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)


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