Saturday, March 29, 2014

Faithful Friday: The Hardest Thing

It is another Faithful Friday on a Saturday.  I think I have a couple of those I have written because Friday it seems is always busy, but a wonderful kind of busy :)

I especially like to share things that mean something to me about trusting the Lord.  It makes me so joyful to think about trusting God and improving my trust in Him.  I found this, though, and I think that this says it best when it comes to how we tend to treat God when it comes to trust, which I think is sometimes the single hardest thing to do, to fully let go and let God.  We find it hard to give Him our trust and leave our lives completely in His hands.  We want proof of His goodness or Him working in our lives, while God instead asks us to trust Him first.  And isn't that what trust truly is?... to not need to be shown, but to believe that we will be shown in time.
I may have even shared this exact verse before and how I feel about it.  Writing many Faithful Fridays, I don't remember exactly what I have shared... but I know that, nonetheless, this is something we can benefit from in our walk of faith.  To be reminded of how vital it is to trust God no matter what is such a meaningful thing.  And it isn't like we purposely tell ourselves that we don't want to trust God or that we refuse to... it just seems to be in our nature to be afraid of putting our confidence in what we may not see.  But with God, we do see!  We see everything we need to see to trust Him in the simple fact that we know He is there and that we see He is working in our lives as we speak.

This is important to me and I feel blessed to be reminded of this scripture, because I know that no matter how I try to direct my own life, if I don't trust Him then I will never experience the life He meant for me and come to know Him better.  I know this is something I can always improve on.  It doesn't matter how much I want to trust God- it matters how much I do.  How awakening to think that only through trusting God can we truly know Him as well, not the other way around.


Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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Faithful Fridays are hosted by sweet Joy on her lovely blog, Doodlebug.  Visit her here to read her amazing posts.


  1. Thank you, dearest Jazzmin, for sharing these beautiful thoughts. I love the photo you shared and the words are oh so true! I am always blessed when I visit you, dear sweet friend.

    Love and hugs!

  2. That is a great quotation! Read you'about' page and really enjoyed what I read there. I'm reading this on my phone and I saw that you love dogs, and the next thing I read was 'loves barking' What?? Oh. Read it again. 'Loves baking.' Lol have a wonderful day!

  3. So, so good. This is something I've slowly been learning lately--Jesus told the woman who suffered bleeding, "Your *faith* has made you whole." So often God wants us to trust Him first, and then He'll act and move. It's hard, but it's worth it. Love the last line of your post!

    Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing and participating, Jazzmin! :)

    God bless you and have a great week,
    Joy :)


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