Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Cupcake Apron Made With Love!

Hope you are having a beautiful week!
It has been nice and cold here this week and I had the blessing of staying home
 yesterday and getting to relax because we had an ice day!
Just when Spring felt like it was settling in.  But I'll take these chilly days.  
I'm sure when it's Summer, I'll be wishing I had these days back.  So, I'm savoring them.
It was the perfect day to stay home and bake and get cozy under a blanket while
listening to the wind and rain outside.  Speaking of baking...
This is a special sewing project that I finished a couple  of weeks ago and wanted to share,
but I hadn't had the chance to get pictures of it then.
My new apron!

My inspiration for this apron started when I found this sweet cupcake fabric
on clearance from the holidays at Hobby Lobby (of course, hehe).
It was such a good deal and I thought, what better fabric could there be to
make an apron!
Isn't it fun?!

Other than the cupcake fabric, for the most part I used all scraps of fabric and
trim we already had to make this apron. 
And best of all, it was so easy because I didn't use a pattern.
I was in one of those moods where I wanted to try something free and different,
so I just got one of our aprons and laid it down on the fabric and cut the skirt
part of the apron from my new fabric, using the apron as a guide.
Then I cut out the bodice part of the apron by measuring it with my measuring tape
 to match and sewed it on. 
 It was a lot of eye-balling and seeing what would work and just using things we had
 left over in our sewing box.  It was so much fun piecing things together.
One of my favorite parts is the eyelet trim I sewed along the bottom.
I was so excited to find an old piece that was just the right size and loved
the pretty touch it gave.

Once I had finished sewing my apron, I realized that I wanted to do something
decorative to the top.  It was a week from then until I was going to be able to go and pick
out something for it, and I had planned to buy some buttons, but when we went I couldn't
find any that I loved.  I picked some out, but at the last minute put them back.
I started thinking about other things I could put there instead of buttons, and I started
picturing putting my monogram because I love how monograms dress things up.
When I looked for sew-on or iron-on letters, I couldn't find anything
 but plain black ones.  It wasn't until the next time we went to the craft store
 that it hit me that I could embroider it myself! 
So I did, and it was my first try but I just went for it and had fun seeing the letters
 form in that pretty red color as I went. 
It isn't perfect,  but I am happy with how it turned out.
Most of all I love that I can keep this forever and remember it as my
first ever embroidery project- and pass it on someday, as well :)

And here it is on me.
Seeing it come together was so much fun.  I loved sewing my little apron!
The bright colors make me smile and I love that even though it does have a little
bit of a wintery feel (perfect for baking season!) in the cupcake fabric, it will
be great to wear anytime of year since the bright blue and yellow kind of balance it out.

Altogether, I used:
-cupcakes fabric
-scrap fabric in blue for the waist tie
-soft matching blue ribbon for the neck tie
-scrap fabric in yellow left over from a dress I
made into a tunic
-scrap white eyelet trim
-red embroidery floss

One last thing I love about my apron is that I can easily fold down the top part
behind the 'skirt' if I want to and wear it as a skirt apron instead, with the blue sash/tie
around my waist.  It feels a little bit old fashioned like that too :)

That's my apron!  I hope to make more.
It's neat to make an apron, because not only do you know that
it's one thing that will definitely get some use, but you can add so many fun, pretty
touches to it.

.          .         .

Aside from sharing my sewing project, I also wanted to say how thankful
I am for each and every one of you in honor of March 2nd this past weekend
marking 2 years I have been blogging!
I can't believe it has already been that long.
When I started writing Blessings n' Sweet Tea, I don't think I could
ever have known how much I would enjoy it.
Never would I have guessed that it would allow me to meet all of you
who have been so kind and sweet, either!
I am so thankful for that when I look back on the past 2 years
I have been writing here.
I have had the true blessing of reading your kinds words, reading your
blogs, being inspired by you, and making new friends, all
of which has given an added loveliness and joy to life.
And meanwhile, I've had the chance to connect with you in sharing
parts of my home and my joys and experiences.

Thank you for your loving hearts and kindness.  It has been so wonderful
to get to know you sweet girls and ladies! 
I am amazed at and thankful for that part of
 these past couple of years.

Blogging, writing, and sharing photos has been a blessing
and SO much fun and I have loved everything about this adventure so far :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Jazzmin,

    Your apron looks great! I really like how you embroidered your initials, you did a perfect job.


  2. Wow!
    That is amazing!
    How special that you made it all by yourself...
    And congrats on your 2 year blog anniversary!
    So glad we met!

  3. Your apron is adorable. The cupcake fabric is so sweet and I like that you were able to use up some remnants from your sewing box. Don't you just love eyelet lace? My grandma had an apron like this and occasionally my dad would wear it with the "top" folded down when he would make his famous banana pudding! I am so thankful for your blog friendship. You are an inspiration. Like you, I have always loved Home. It's wonderful to be able to meet Christian women who share so many things in common. Mildred

  4. So cute, my dear Jazzmin! Your apron is beautiful and it fits your sweet personality perfectly :) And can I just say that the eyelet lace is stunning - love it!

    Also, congratulations on blogging for 2 years! Your blog is among my favorites and my life has been so blessed by your posts and your friendship. I hope there are many, many more years of blogging awaiting you, sweet friend!

    Much love and big hugs!

  5. Congrats for your 2 years of blogging!!
    Your apron looks very beautiful and bright. The color combination is wonderful. The cupcake design is good and the lace at the bottom is a perfect finish of it.


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