Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pink & Blue Hydrangea Wreath for Spring!

Happy Thursday!!  How exciting it is almost Friday again.   I think Thursdays are good days especially for the reason that the next day is Friday.

Today I wanted to share something I put together recently for Spring.

Here is our finished wreath!  Hydrangeas are one of the trademark flowers of the South. They are so beautiful and inspired me.
I had more time to make one this season and got to relax and sit down and put it together piece by piece.  It took a little bit of time, but it was worth the joy of making it and seeing it turn out bright and Springy.  I think it's neat to get a picture in your mind of what kind of wreath or garland or decoration might look nice and then create it.  I love getting to do that, and this is probably my favorite wreath I have made so far.

The basis for the wreath is the plain robin-egg blue (what a sweet color!) twig wreath that I used last year.  I just removed the things from last year and put the wreath to use again as a blank canvas for this year!  I enjoyed getting to do a more detailed decoration this year with it.

Everything I used...

-robin-egg color wreath
-canvas & glitter wide ribbon
-silk hydrangea flowers
-hot glue gun
-decorative butterfly

This wreath was very inexpensive to make and imagine all the beautiful variations of flowers you could use.   Altogether, it cost around twelve dollars, including the plain wreath from last year.  Much better (and much more fun!) than going out and buying one for four or five times that :)
The glitter ribbon was a last minute find that I fell in love with!  I stood there trying to decide between three plain burlap ribbons that were slightly different and suddenly I bent down to look again at the ribbon selection and saw the glitter ribbon and made my decision in about one second, haha.

It was very simple to make also... For the flowers, I pulled clusters of two or 3 flowers off one at a time and hot glued them to make larger clusters, eventually forming the 3 sections of pink then blue then pink.  To add some green, I coupled a few sets of leaves and glued them underneath. Then I took my little butterfly and glued it on.  For the bow, I made a simple bow with 4 pieces of ribbon and glued it together alone then onto the wreath.

I had so much fun making this, as I always do when I get to make a seasonal decoration, but especially something for the front door.  I feel like it's exciting to have one little space to decorate that will welcome others and say something about your home right there on the door and you get to sort of design it.

What is your door decor like for Spring?  What type of flowers would you use if you made a wreath?


Happy almost Friday to you!

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